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Associate Member Spotlight: Counterpoint Systems

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Counterpoint_Systems_2014Servicing 150 labels and distributors across 27 countries worldwide, Counterpoint Systems commitment to industry innovation moves to the cloud.

Our new Repertoire Manager allows labels to store their entire catalogues along with all metadata online—providing seamless integration into the Royalty engine for all physical and digital revenue processing.

As income from Synchronization assumes more significance, you won’t need to worry about expired links or deleted pitch emails— MSO provides a complete service for creating, sharing and promoting playlists and samplers as well as archiving all pitch activity.

These features are extensions of the pioneering Record Maestro solution, which has firmly established itself as the leading rights and royalties software for the music industry over the last 25 years.

“Who knows what the next format for music will be in in 5 to 10 years, technology changes so rapidly. But I do know that whichever direction it goes, Counterpoint’s Record Maestro will be with us to meet the challenges.” – Paul Morse, Royalty Manager, Cleopatra Records

For more information:
Email – info@counterp.com OR
Visit www.counterp.com


Independent Ally Nominee

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Independent Ally of the Year - Platinum Rye Independent Music Reel on MUZU.TV


Billboard’s 2012 “Women In Music” Nominations are Now Open

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Billboard’s Annual Women in Music issue is coming soon and they’re accepting nominations for consideration NOW.  All nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, August 28th.

To nominate yourself or one of our community’s woman leaders click HERE.

To read FAQ’s click HERE.

The A2IM community has a number of leaders that are women and we do hope to see them nominated and included in the Women in Music issue.


A2IM Discount: Eurosonic 2012 (Netherlands, Jan 11-14)

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With over 3,000 delegates, showcases by 290 artists and a conference program with 150 panels, keynote speakers, interviews and meetings, Eurosonic Noorderslag (Groningen, the Netherlands) is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, European artists, international music industry professionals and organizations.

Eurosonic Noorderslag presents a conference,the festivals Eurosonic and Noorderslag, and award shows such as the European Border Breakers Awards and the European Festival Awards.

Discounted registration rate for A2IM members
To attend Eurosonic Noorderslag as a conference delegate, you need to register

This is members only content.

The 4-day registration (valid for both the conference and festival program) includes access to the online delegates database, the Eurosonic Noorderslag delegates directory and the conference bag.


Associate Member Spotlight: Topspin

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TopspinTopspin + RCRD LBL = RCRD DEALS

Topspin + Downtown Record’s music discovery site & mighty newsletter, RCRD LBL, have kicked off a joint deals venture dubbed RCRD DEALS. Now in it’s 2nd week, RCRD DEALS have featured exclusive offers & discounts from Band of Horses, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist with deals in the pipeline from Twin Shadow, Soundscreen Designs, Pop Montreal Festival and many more. Sign up for the mailing list on http://rcrddeals.com to keep up with each new deal kicking off every Thursday.

A2IM members who are interested in submitting exclusive and/or discounted merchandise & tickets (live experiences) for RCRD DEALS can contact Aric Phillips for more info.




Black Friday 2011 Deadlines

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As everyone who was involved last year knows, the indies’ Back To Black Friday push was a big success with customers lining up outside the store hours before opening.

The upfront “Black Friday” message will be that indie record stores will be celebrating with “limited edition/quality” products for the holiday season, while running exciting catalog campaigns at the store level.

Like RSD itself, the concept is to reverse conventional wisdom and use limited-edition quality products to drive folks in the stores, while selling through on catalog products once we get them in the doors. NOTE: We will not call this Record Store Day or imply that it is any type of event like Record Store Day. We are simply taking elements of RSD and applying it to Black Friday.

Here is the basic overview of the campaign…

RSD works with label partners to create between 16-20 VERY compelling total pieces of product that are exclusive to participating RSD stores for the Black Friday shopping season.

All partners (i.e., artists, labels, distribution companies, one-stops, and RSD participating stores, both here in the USA and internationally) are encouraged to run marketing, PR, and social networking campaigns about “limited edition, quality holiday gifts” for the Black Friday shopping season. This will happen on or around early-to-mid November.

Street date of RSD Black Friday Products: Friday, November 25th.

Here is a basic outline of what the RSD/Black Friday products should be…

1) Make the piece something special. Holiday pieces which contain holiday songs are encouraged when it makes sense for the project.

2) Create the right product, the right quantity, for the right artist. For example, if it’s a Susan Boyle, or Sade, or Christina Aguilera, or Alicia Keys piece, or Josh Groban – then release the limited/numbered piece on CD instead of vinyl. If it’s a Kings of Leon, Ozzy Osbourne, Band of Horses, Nicole Atkins piece, produce it on colored vinyl, or special packaging, instead of CD. In other words, the holiday aspect of the promotion should be followed through whenever possible. The quantity will be determined by the artist and the content. Ideally, each of these RSD/Black Friday pieces will be so compelling that we will need between 4000 and 7500 each.

3) All products should be of the highest quality, branded RSD, and numbered.

4) Just like the normal Record Store Day, each participating artist runs a social networking campaign for these special pieces via webpages, facebook, twitter, etc.


June 20th: Final discussion on RSD/Black Friday products, quantities, and catalog sales for the Black Friday weekend.

July 14th: RSD is presented with list of Black Friday titles that labels feel are compelling. These are top tier products (ex, like this year’s John Lennon limited/numbered Bag 7” set, Bruce Springsteen’s 10” limited/branded 10”, U2’s live limited/numbered 10” vinyl piece with a new unreleased track, the Rolling Stones’ limited/numbered 7” with unreleased track, etc.).

July 16th: RSD and each label/distribution partners narrow down choices to the 4 or 5 RSD/Black Friday products.

August 15th: All artwork is completed, and both high res and low res images are emailed to Carrie and Michael at Music Monitor Network. In addition, ideas for Black Friday catalog campaigns will be discussed.

September 9th: RSD/Black Friday products go into production, and spreadsheet for CD/DVD catalog titles included in the Black Friday catalog campaign are provided.

November 14th: RSD/Black Friday products ship to the participants.