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2012 A2IM Libera Awards: Nomination Submission Guidelines (DEADLINE is March 30th)

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A2IM is pleased to announce our partnership with Official.FM to manage the A2IM Libera Awards submissions and nominations process.

With this strategic partner in place, A2IM is now accepting all independent submissions for nomination consideration.  The list of categories is below as well as links providing easy to follow instructions about how to submit for each category.

See the Shore Fire Media Press Release HERE.

Award: Independent Album of the Year presented by Official.fm


Award: Independent Label of the Year Award (5 Employees or less worldwide)

Award: Independent Label of the Year Award (6 Employees or more worldwide)

Award: Up and Comer Award presented by eMusic celebrating the next independent label superstar artist; to qualify artist must have total career sales not exceeding 5000 full length albums or 25,000 tracks (combined)


Award: Video of the Year celebrating the best short form music video for an independent artist.

Award: Best Sync Usage for the most creative or most impactful use of independent music in a film/tv/ad campaign

Award: Music Supervisor of the Year for the music supervisor/licensing person who was especially supportive of independent music labels and artists in the last 12 months

Award: Light Bulb Award celebrating the most innovative/creative marketing campaign by an independent label or artist in the last 12 months

Award: Road Warrior of the Year celebrating the independent label band/artist that worked hardest at their job in the last 12 months

Award: 21st Century Award celebrating the service provider or platform that was most beneficial to independent labels and artists in the last 12 months

Award: Creative Packaging Award (Physical or Digital) celebrating the best or most creative packaging – including bundled packages, premium offerings or artwork/design packaging – from an independent label or artist in the last 12 months

All nominee submissions must be for music, projects or artists that occurred or had new music available for commercial release in the United States via an independently owned/controlled label or artist with an office in or based in the United States during the period March 1, 2011 through February 29, 2012.

Submissions may be made by employees or owners of independent labels affiliated with the artists, music or projects being submitted but can also be made by artists, managers, industry professionals and people not affiliated with the artists, music or projects they’re nominating.  You’ll also see that we have award categories for sync licensing placements and music supervisors, best marketing campaign and most beneficial platform.  We encourage everyone to participate and nominate the artists, music, projects, people or services that have caught your attention in the last 12 months.

No submission will be considered without the name, company name, phone #, email address and job title or relationship to the nominee of the person making the submission (if for no other reason than because A2IM will need to be able to contact a person with authority related to any nominee – and if we don’t know such a person of authority we’ll hope that the submitting person can help put us in contact with the label, artist, or nominee.  All contact info provided will be kept confidential.  We never share or release contact info.).

The deadline for submissions to be sent in is March 30, 2012.

Upon the conclusion of the submissions period, A2IM will turn to panels of independent music experts to consider all accepted submissions and pare them down to final nominees in each category.  In May, 2012 the final nominees will be announced and subject to voting by the A2IM membership to select the Libera Award winners.

Winners will be announced at the A2IM Libera Awards ceremony at Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street  New York, NY 10012) on June 21, 2012.  Read more info HERE.

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