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This week’s featured executives are Will Taylor, Founder and Head of Music Operations, and DevitoBeatz,Head of A&R, at Creambridge. Creambridge is also an A2IM 2021 BIMA Fellow. 


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Before Creambridge, Will worked his way up from intern to co-manager for David Sabastian, a Los Angeles based multi-hyphenated creative. Notably, Will recently helped close a partnership deal with BPG Music and Warner Records on behalf of David Sabastian and his imprint, Believe In Yourself Records. Most recently, Will’s client Solowke released his first single “Outta Sight Outta Mind” after the artist spent 26 months incarcerated.

Can you tell us a little about Creambridge?

Creambridge is a full service music company that specializes in talent management, brand development, and marketing consultation. Our company strives to empower musicians to materialize their artistic vision while developing the business acumen to maximize the value of their brand and to retain control of their intellectual property ownership.  

What are your long term goals for Creambridge?

We want to help our Milwaukee based hip-hop clients obtain platinum records! Which hasn’t been accomplished by an artist from the city since Coo Coo Cal in 2001. We also aspire to secure a joint venture partnership with a major label to unlock more resources to discover and develop talent on the label side.

Finally, we wan to build a state of the art recording studio and creative hub on the northside of Milwaukee, and eventually launch a music (hip-hop pedagogy) education curriculum and school in Milwaukee.


A school for hip-hop pedagogy? Community involvement seems to factor a lot in your goals for Creambridge. 

Social impact is a significant part of our company culture and ethos. 

We’re currently planning an initiative that will provide subsidized driver’s education classes for 300 underserved teens in Milwaukee to help combat the rampant auto theft and reckless driving within the city. 

Any exciting updates from Creambridge?

In October, we launched a special project community initiative where we selected a cohort of six Milwaukee based teenagers to undergo a fifteen month fellowship that’ll provide them with mentorship, free recording sessions, academic tutoring, and music business education. Our fellows are currently gearing up to release their debut singles under their own label imprint(s).
This past February we officially launched our producer division and have assembled a roster of three extremely talented producers.

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