FUGA Workshop: In Conversation with Pieter van Rijn

  • FUGA’s CEO, Pieter van Rijn, discusses the future of music distribution, technology, and marketing, and the role that the world’s leading B2B distributor has in it. 

Counting more than 800 independent music companies as clients and following twelve months that saw multiple award nominations, new hubs launched in Germany, Korea, Sweden, and Brazil, and a raft of new services added, FUGA’s impact on the global music industry has been significant. The company now distributes more than 30 million individual tracks and analyzes more than 10 billion streams a month.

As part of his first in-person interview of 2022, Van Rijn will discuss the insights that FUGA can take from such a large catalog, how a global approach to marketing means you have to act local, the importance of always evolving your offering, and how modern music companies need to put both people and tech at the forefront of their strategy.