connect with independent music businesses across the americas, april 15 2021

 Designed to connect the independent music communities ranging all the way from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, this year will see the inaugural Pan-Am Indie Summit be held virtually.


Jointly organized by A2IM (USA), ABMI (Brazil), ASIAr (Argentina), CIMA (Canada), IMICHILE (Chile), and WIN (global), attendees will have the opportunity to direct message and video chat with peers and partners through the brand new digital platform, as well as attend detailed panels and presentations from experts from across the region. Additionally, 

  • Trade specialists from the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration will be on hand to offer market insights for our U.S. members, as part of our domestic MDCP project.
  • A2IM members are invited to a pre-conference private session with trade and policy experts from the U.S. Department of Commerce with a focus on Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Voice-over translation for this event will be available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Brought to you with support from Merlin, DistroKid and The Control Room
We encourage attendees to settle in for the day, and get ready to network!

full program

As proud recipients of ITA’s Market Development Cooperator Program, we are pleased to bring you a private session with ITA trade policy and copyright specialists, including regional intellectual Property Attachés who will talk about doing business in Brazil, Canada and Mexico with a focus on copyrights and the creative sectors. Please join us to learn about doing business across the Americas from the following esteemed speakers:

  • Cynthia Henderson – Intellectual Property Attaché for Mexico City, Central America and the Caribbean, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)/International Trade Administration, U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Maria Beatriz Dellore – Intellectual Property Attaché for Brazil and Regional IP Advisor for Mercosur, Guianas, and Suriname, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)/International Trade Administration, U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Patricia Marega – Commercial Specialist for ICT and Media, Entertainment  & ICT Industries, Foreign Commercial Service/International Trade Administration, U.S. Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Ozlem Toplu – Commercial Specialist, Foreign Commercial Service/International Trade Administration, U.S. Consulate in Toronto, Canada
  • Andrea DaSilva – Senior Policy Analyst and Global Team Leader, Media & Entertainment Industries, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC
  • Marisel Trespalacios – Senior International Trade Specialist and Deputy for Music, Global Media & Entertainment Team, U.S. Commercial Service/International Trade Administration, Long Island, NY Export Assistance Center

Industry experts provide the must-know details of their home markets across the Western Hemisphere in this series of short talks.

  • Argentina: Nicolas Madoery – Secretary, Director, and Country Manager, ASIAr
  • Brazil: Carlos Mills – President, ABMI
  • Canada: Trisha Carter – Music Export Manager, CIMA
  • Chile: Oliver Knust and Francisca Sandoval – IMICHILE
  • Colombia: Jorge Iván Cubillos – President, AIMCO
  • Jamaica: Jeremy Harding – Music Business Professional, Harding Music Academy
  • Mexico: Ana Rodríguez – Founder, Relatable Music/Co-chair, IMMF 
  • Peru: Patricia López – President, APEMM
  • USA: Alyssa Mark – Director, Label Member Relations, A2IM

ABMI, ASIAr and IMICHILE are working together to create the first Latin American Independent Music Observatory to characterize the region’s independent music industry in its sociodemographic, economic, labor and digital aspects. The goal is to foster a competitive and collaborative musical ecosystem and deliver added value to hundreds of companies and their trade associations in the region.



Cristobal Dañobeitia – President, Digital Observatory of Chilean Music (Chile)

What tools are available to maximize your artists’ visibility across digital services? Learn about best practices from leaders across North and South America.



Moderator: Rosie Lopez – Tommy Boy, (USA)

AJ Alvarez – Marketing Director, LATAM, Symphonic (USA)

Victor Schlesinger – Co-founder, Ronda Co-Op, (Chile)

Renato VanzelaBusiness Development, FUGA (Brazil)

Learn how to leverage all the new features available on Spotify

A review of the performance of indie music from across the Americas and the emergence of new Latin scenes on SoundCloud. 



Bela Zecker – Senior Manager, Independent Label Relations

Jessica Messier – Senior Manager, Independent Label Relations

Learn about the latest Bandcamp features (like Live and Vinyl), get the inside scoop on what makes Bandcamp tick for the most successful artists and labels on the site, and find out how to pitch the Bandcamp Daily editorial team.


Andrew Jervis – Director of Artists and Labels 

Amit Nerukar – Artist and Label Ambassador

Sign up for a carousel of three-minute B2B matchmaking meetings to meet potential business partners and peers.

Key First Nations music industry executives and artists share experiences of developing the industry and making music in the independent sector.



Subhira Rodrigo Cepeda – Director, Mundovivo/Master in Composition (Chile)

Matthew Maw – Director, Lead Artist Manager, Red Music Rising (Canada)

Miesha Louie – Artist, Miesha and the Spanks (Canada) 

Mauro Rodriguez – Regional Producer, TieneQueAndar Producciones (Argentina)

Music supervisors, labels, and brand representatives discuss music licensing trends options across borders for the post-pandemic world. What’s happening in sync in 2021 and beyond?



Moderator: Kirt Debique – CEO & CTO, Sync Floor (USA)

Dan Burt – Music Supervisor, Wunderman Thompson (USA)

Everton Lewis Jr. – Music Supervisor, Wracket Music Supervision (Canada)

Yael Meyer – Owner and Founder, Kli Records (Chile)

Fabrizio Onetto – Head of Content and Artist Development, OCESA Seitrack (Mexico)

In the brief talk, music and technology experts Heather Johnson and Tom Riley discuss the music rights and licensing across an exploding sector: games and influencers.



Heather Johnson – CEO, Ninety9Lives (USA)

Tom Riley – COO, PretzelAux, Inc. (USA)

How do you best promote your music across borders? When is it time to open an outpost outside of your home country? Learn creative solutions from independent companies who have successfully developed an international strategy.



Moderator: Ian Harrison – General Manager, Hopeless Records (USA)

Nando Machado – Founder/Director, ForMusic (Brazil)

More speakers TBA


Tweety Gonzalez – Artist, Music Producer/Vice President, ASIAr (Argentina)

Adel Hattem – Founder, D Music Marketing (USA)

Camilo Lara Musician, Mexican Institute of Sound (Mexico)