SoundExchange sues Sirius/XM Radio over Royalties

August 30, 2013

Last week SoundExchange filed a lawsuit against Sirius/XM over the computation of royalties that SoundExchange collects from Sirius/XM on behalf of the sound recording creator community. The lawsuit complaint states that Sirius/XM incorrectly excluded from gross revenue performances of pre-1972 recordings (with February 15, 1972 being the date when sound recordings gained federal copyright protection) and that Sirius/XM made other deductions and incorrect computations. This lawsuit is separate from the recent lawsuit filed by The Turtles related to California State law regarding pre-1972 Copyrights. Sirius/XM has been and continues to be a good partner/supporter of the Independent music community but A2IM applauds the efforts by SoundExchange and The Turtles to insure that music creators are fairly compensated.  We hope there are speedy and fair resolutions to these disputes.

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