SoundExchange List of Unregistered Labels and Artists

August 21, 2012

SoundExchange has published a searchable database of labels and artists that are not registered to collect royalties owed them.  A2IM urges you to use this database to search your label (including variations of spellings on your label name including common mis-spellings, if any) and also any sub-labels you control.  We also hope you’ll share this database with your artists and their representatives so that they (along with you) can search their names to see if they’re missing royalties that they’re due.  If you find a label name that you control/own or find one of your artists on this list please make sure that you register with SoundExchange immediately.  If you find your name on the list but are already registered and collecting from SoundExchange please contact A2IM or your representative at SoundExchange to find out why you’re on this unregistered list and make certain that any errors are corrected.

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