SoundExchange Direct

October 14, 2014

SoundExchange continues to roll out its SoundExchange Direct account-management platform which provides improved access to digital-performance-royalties details. The new dashboard incorporates the current PLAYS site, provides access to more robust royalty statements (including 3 years of statement history), allows rights holders to better manage their repertoire, and more. To ensure you are receiving all amounts due your label, visit their new platform here.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that 50% of SoundExchange’s performance rights royalties are paid directly to sound-recording owners, 45% are allocated to featured artists, and 5% to backing musicians (via organizations like AFM and SAG-AFTRA). Although incomplete playlist reporting by web-casters remains a problem, there’s also the issue of unallocated royalties resulting from artists not properly registering with SoundExchange. We believe it may not be a bad idea to send out a reminder to your artists/artist managers encouraging them to register (if they have not already done so), so that they receive royalty payments that would otherwise go unallocated.

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