Merlin and Pandora Announce Direct License

August 6, 2014

PrintPandoraLogoSQRMerlin has concluded an agreement with the internet radio service Pandora ( for the US. Read the  press announcement HERE.

This agreement is available to all Merlin members who control non-interactive internet radio rights in their catalogs. If you are not a Merlin member, and are interested in participating in this agreement, please contact A2IM or Merlin (click HERE).

In order for you to participate, Merlin will require you to confirm that

1. You control the necessary rights to do so, which will mean confirming that:

(i) You have not granted any non Merlin member company exclusive rights to your catalog for non interactive internet radio usage; and

(ii) Your rights have not already been included in Merlin’s agreement with Pandora by any other Merlin member company (e.g. via existing digital distribution arrangements); and

2. You are able to arrange delivery of a DDEX compliant content/meta data feed to Pandora.

If you need to have a third party deliver on your behalf, consider contacting A2IM associate members:  AudioSalad, Consolidated Independent, finetunes, FUGA, or NueMeta or you can have Merlin provide a list of providers who offer this service.

A2IM President, Rich Bengloff, said about the deal, “Collectively, the independent market share of US recorded music sales has risen dramatically. However, in contrast to this we have seen major labels extract disproportionate value from the emerging online market.  Merlin’s direct partnership with Pandora appears to reverse this trend – putting the independents first in line. We applaud Merlin for its role in protecting and upholding the value of the worldwide Independent music label community and their artists.”

Read Glenn People’s Billboard article on the announcement HERE.

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