Independents Are Self-made; Internet Radio Arguments Are Made-Up

October 23, 2015

Read Darius Van Arman’s (Secretly Group; A2IM Board; Merlin Board; SoundExchange Board) op-ed in ‘The Hill’ discussing how Independent music companies, A2IM, SoundExchange, and Merlin are powerful allies in the fight to ensure that creators are paid fairly for their music content.

Excerpt below:

There has never been a better time to be an independent music company than now. Thanks to the Internet and the information revolution, the music marketplace is more accessible than ever. Within sight is the ideal of creators being compensated based on the quality of their work and actual consumer demand for it — not due to any unfair use of market clout. Independent market share is growing and independent repertoire is more “must have” than ever — whether it’s recordings by heritage blues artists or hits by pop stars like Taylor Swift. No digital service or broadcaster can be in business without our music.

Read the full article at The Hill’s website.



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