Global Street Date Update

May 18, 2015

As we have reported to you previously, the official street date for new music will move from Tuesdays to Fridays (the reporting week will be Friday to Thursday) commencing on July 10th to create a worldwide Global Street Date. We have had conference calls with the Independent distributors hashing out issues and there are two items we want to call to your attention, in addition to the Global Street Date FAQ up on our A2IM website:

• Both sales reporting services are now going to a daily reporting system (BuzzAngle already is a daily system), but a number of members have reported that daily reporting is a hardship in two areas which will still be allowed to report weekly as follows:

-Touring Venue sales can be reported by labels weekly on Thursdays by 3PM, based upon a new venue reporting week of Thursday-Wednesday and you will need all reporting in by 3 PM on the following (next day) Thursday. This is in recognition that, in some cases, daily reporting will be a hardship for some smaller artists, who might not have a tour manager to do the filings as well as smaller labels who might not have someone to do daily filing of venue sales reports.

-Similar to the tour issue, with respect to small label resources for Direct-to-Fan web stores, weekly reporting will also be accepted if delivered on Fridays for the  standard for Friday-Thursday week.

Both of these are, of course, at the option of each individual label. You can always report daily, especially for new-release events.

• We also want to call to your attention that Independent retailers will continue to report to Soundscan on a Monday thru Sunday week and will continue to report daily to BuzzAngle Music as they launch their Vinyl Tuesdays sales program. Both reporting services (Nielsen SoundScan and Border City Media BuzzAngle Music will include Vinyl Tuesday new releases in the first-week reported sales total. Vinyl Tuesdays is an opportunity for Independent Retail to drive traffic to stores on an additional day of the week, as well as, highlight key vinyl releases with a dedicated street date.

These have been agreed by both reporting services, Nielsen and Border City Media/BuzzAngle Music) and you should be reporting to both services as BuzzAngle Music will start publishing charts this summer.

BuzzAngle Music invites indie labels and distributors to contact them with any questions on their chart reporting system via

Nielsen/SoundScan invites indie labels and distributors to contact them with any questions on their chart reporting system via

Any questions, please let us know.

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