A2IM files with Copyright Royalty Board on Recordkeeping

June 30, 2014

A2IM filed today, in support of an earlier SoundExchange petition, with the Copyright Royalty Board (“CRB”) on proposed increased digital service reporting requirements. The CRB sets the rates that non-on-demand digital services like Pandora, iHeartradio,  Sirius/XM, Music Choice, etc. pay as well as the way these services are required to report and account to SoundExchange.

In A2IM’s filing we note “A major concern for Independent music labels is not just contractually getting their correct proportionate share of revenues based upon actual copyright ownership”. A second challenge is ensuring that the metadata and accounting received by SoundExchange is correct and that Independents are actually getting paid for their entire copyright repertoire. The CRB must ensure that all digital services using sound recordings be required to use an International Standard Recording Code (i.e. “ISRC” codes) and/or an International Standard Name Identifier (i.e. “ISNI” codes) to identify all recordings, and such services should also be required to incorporate these codes into the metadata of the recordings they use in order to achieve more accurate accounting and distribution of sound recording royalties.

The entire filing is HERE.

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