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This week’s featured executive is Katrina Frye, CEO of Lauretta Records, a  newly minted BIMA Fellow. With ten years in the music industry Katrina Frye works as a the Principal Consultant at Culture Shift Collective, is an adjunct professor at California Baptist University teaching Music Entrepreneurship & Music Marketing, and CEO and founder of Lauretta Records. 

Lauretta Records is an independent music label based in Los Angeles, CA with a unique focus on new artist development, and breaking brands into television and film licensing. With over 50 song placements stretching from movie trailers, promo spots, television shows, and national commercial campaigns, they believe tv and film are the new ways to discover talent.

My label Lauretta Records wants to capitalize on all my connections to bring underrepresented people into the light. I want to make money for the voices that have been background singers, voice-overs, choir directors, etc. I know there is a talent to be discovered and nurtured and this is my work. 

Through Lauretta Records, Katrina hopes to continue bringing underrepresented artists to the stage through the process of sync, reaching international audiences. Lauretta Records works to develop artist’s brand stories and visuals as well as teach them about the industry. Her foremost concern is to support artists in a holistic way by also letting them have ownership of their copyright.


When asked about the future of Lauretta Records, Katrina steadfastly responded: “My dream would be that our label is a jumping-off point for artists to get business savvy, quality products, and deep confidence in order for them to reach new levels in the music industry. I feel this responsibility deeply as a woman and as a black woman to do this with excellence!”


Get in touch with Katrina at [email protected], and follow Lauretta Records on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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