The A2IM Discord server is now open to all 2022 A2IM Indie Week registrants! Join the chat and start messaging fellow attendees to get a head start on 1x1 meetings😎

We’re connecting attendees and streaming #A2IMIndieWeek on Discord😎!


Via the A2IM Discord, attendees will be able to connect with other badge holdersview the conference schedulelearn more about this year’s sponsors, and watch livestreams of each panel room.


Follow the instructions below to get on the platform, and we’ll get you ready for A2IM Indie Week 2022😈


  1. Go to to access the A2IM Discord server by creating a new account, or logging in with your current account.
  2. We strongly encourage downloading the desktop version to access the server!
  3. Copy your Discord username (including the #number), which can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the Discord screen. For example: s1n_ray#8273
  4. Fill in THIS FORM and submit all fields (there’s one field which asks for your Discord username, which you now have copied!).
  5. After submitting, we will verify your form within 24 hours (more likely within an hour) and grant you access to all 2022 A2IM Indie Week Discord Channels.
  6. Head to the A2IM Discord and start chatting!
  7. Start by dropping more information about yourself in the #introductions channel, and you can start direct messaging other Indie Week attendees and sussing out your 1×1 meeting schedule 😉


We’ve also got this nifty instructional video narrated by our operations manager Ross HERE.