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    Founded in Berlin in 1985 by Horst Weidenmuller, !K7 Music is a multi-faceted music services and label group with offices in London, New York and Berlin, and partners across the globe. The !K7 label g...

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    +1 RECORDS Every artist is different. So is our approach. We curate our roster very strategically. We view our artists as partners, with a common long-term goal of building their career brick-by-brick...

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    Weird since 2017 Tags: label members ...

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    To create an enduring music-based content company that has a tradition of high quality and risk taking and a real commitment to artist development. A creative hub, that empowers artists and their part...

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    With over 3,000 sessions, 100 gold albums, 16 Grammy nominations and 3 Grammy awards to his credit, Larry Carlton has his fingerprints indelibly imprinted on virtually every genre of music. 335 RECORD...

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    3CG Records is an independent record label started by the pop/rock group Hanson in 2003. Tags: label members pop rock ...

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    5Towns Records is an American record label based in New York City, founded in 2016 by shoe designer Steve Madden and his business partner, music industry & branding veteran Steve Feinberg. Feinber...

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    6/8 Records is a New York­-based boutique record label catering to independent women artists. Tags: label members female artists label members pop indierock singer-songwriter labelservices fe...

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    The latest up and coming independent record label out of Seattle, committed to soulful, indie rock. Tags: label members indierock ...

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    7digital is an innovative London based company, established in 2004 – we sell MP3s to end consumers throughout Europe and North America, and our B2B business is a flexible and robust rights + te...

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    A to Z Media is a family owned and operated business in existence since 1994. Our sole intent for the past 18 years has been to offer the most complete and personalized CD, DVD and Vinyl Manufacturing...

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    In 2015 A Train Entertainment celebrated its 30th anniversary, founded in 1985 as an option for independent artists to receive professional assistance in developing and managing their musical careers ...

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    Internal staff for A2IM. . ...

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    ABKCO Music and Records Inc is one of the world’s leading independent entertainment companies. It is home to iconic music catalogs that include compositions and recordings by Sam Cooke, The Rolling ...

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    Acony Records was founded by artists Gillian Welch and David Rawlings in 2001 to release their own recordings. Tags: label members aaa alt-country americana bluegrass folk singer-songwriter fo...

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    Founded in 1990 by David Grisman, Acoustic Disc is an artist-owned, independent label dedicated to the preservation and integrity of acoustic music, musicians and instruments. Tags: label members ac...

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    AdRev (http://adrev.net) is the leading independent content ID and network partner on YouTube with number of videos claimed and monetized, views per month, royalties paid and assets under management. ...

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    A 20-year veteran in the music industry, Grammy, Dove award nominated and Juno award winning producer, Roger Ryan has decided to establish a recording label. AfterTouch Music is a new, intriguing type...

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    Andrew Shapiro is a Brooklyn-based composer and songwriter who blends his two biggest musical influences: ’80s New Wave pop and Philip Glass minimalism. He releases his recordings through Airbox...

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    Akela Family is an independent music label and marketing company specialized in radio promotion in the United States for the Latin Market, responsible for the success of the artists’ careers such as...