VP D2C/Merchandise Sales and Marketing

Posted: March 13, 2017 at 3:07 pm by  Michal Arnson

Purpose of the Position:
To lead Concord’s shared D2C and Merch business in order to achieve optimal aggregate results for the company’s recordings and related assets.
Area of Oversight:
This position will directly oversee Concord’s artists based D2C/Merch sales and marketing efforts.
Working closely with Concord’s label groups, he/she will develop D2C marketing and sales strategies to effectively choose, create and sell products direct to consumers.
Additionally, manage vendor relationships, assist in accounting and label/artist reporting, logistics/fulfillments, web store sales, CRM and Ticket Bundles. Through a network of retailers/wholesales, sell Merch products created specifically for retail accounts.

Primary Lateral Interfaces: This position will primarily interact with the company’s frontline and catalog labels, accounting department, artists, artist management, vendors, retail accounts as well as with the senior executives of the company.

Core Responsibilities: The VP D2C/Merch Sales and Marketing position has the following core responsibilities:

• Provide leadership and vision to the D2C/Merch team
• Evangelize mission and department services to Concord labels,
artist and artist managers
• Create marketing, and product strategies with Concord labels to
effectively market and sell D2C
• Oversees the design and creation of both D2C and Merch products
• Establish KPI’s and web metrics to ensure best practices and
measurability reporting processes, and drive aggressive
performance improvements through testing, tracking and data
• Oversee the building and management of CRM databases and
consumer/fan relationships
• Oversee the logistics and product vendor relationships and
• Oversee Inventory procurement and control
• Assist accounting department in label/artist and P/L reporting
• SEO and SMO strategy and execution
• Work with Concord labels to create compelling Merch products for retail sales
• Solicit and service retail accounts with Merch products
• Manage ticket bundle vendor(s) and process with Concord labels

Location: The position will be based in Nashville.

Requirements: The successful candidate that fills this position must have the following attributes:

• A passion and understanding for selling direct to end consumers
• An affinity for indie music and the indie music culture
• Understanding of pricing and promotional strategies for both
digital and physical products
• Excellent strategic thinking and management communication skills
• Well-rounded experience with e-commerce, web marketing and direct
marketing experience
• Experience analyzing web metrics and how data is used to drive
traffic sales
• Advanced Excel and analytic skills
• Organizational and time management skills to balance numerous and
diverse tasks
• Strong prioritization abilities
• High degree of tech-savviness
• Effective communication abilities
• History of delivering results

Please send resumes to: hr@concordmusicgroup.com

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