Redeye Seeks Project Manager

Posted: December 15, 2017 at 4:59 pm by  Laura Pittard

Redeye is currently accepting applications for the role of Project Manager.

Primary purpose of the job:
The Project Manager will oversee the creation and execution of robust and tailored marketing plans that address all segments of a label business with Redeye with thoughtful consideration to format and territorial opportunities. A Redeye Project Manager will be responsible for an assigned label roster and will work with label representatives to manage new release planning, catalog marketing and overall label branding strategy. The primary focus of the role of a Project Manager is to provide Redeye label partners with a comprehensive marketing strategy for all new releases, catalog events, touring artists and other label needs.

Creation and execution of detailed marketing plans that utilize information from the label regarding promotional efforts, available budget and sales history in support of new releases, catalog and tours. Marketing plans will provide a clear plan of activity that will be intended to engage the full Redeye Sales, Marketing and International team based on goals for marketing and expectations for sales put forth by the label.
Establish a proactive communication strategy with assigned labels to insure the label and Redeye are in full communication about new releases, catalog, marketing and campaign promotions.
Coordination and documentation of label releases in the New Release Schedule to provide timely notification of release dates and campaign timelines to all members of the Sales, International and Marketing staff.
Provide regular and detailed updates to Director of Marketing and Director of Sales and Label Strategy regarding overall label health, goals and expectations.
Communicate to labels about available physical and digital marketing opportunities for campaigns and educate labels about new marketing opportunities as services become available.
Circulate and document all campaign updates relating to press, radio and touring to the full Redeye Sales, International and Marketing team with detailed analysis and actionable items.
Make informed suggestions regarding marketing strategy with emphasis on customer best practices, advertising opportunities and creative promotional approaches.
Insure that all assigned labels are informed of Redeye operational procedures and provide them with points of communication with other departments as needed.
Coordinate promotional mailings on behalf of assigned labels as needed.
Identify and soliciting in-house marketing services to labels.
Represent company at local artist live performances and music industry functions as assigned. May include occasional travel.
Perform other duties as needed and any other functions that are assigned.

Minimum education and skills:
College graduate or equivalent.
Must be excellent at communicating, organization, and highly motivated.
Must be able to focus on many different projects in a fast-paced environment.
Able to complete assigned projects on deadline.

Experience requirements:.
Project management or physical retail experience, and/or digital marketplace knowledge preferred.
One year of Marketing experience preferred.
Experience in the music industry and a passion for independent music is a plus.

If you are interested in applying, please email a resume and cover letter to Laura Pittard at

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