IDOL seeks a Head of Distribution (Paris based position)

Posted: December 14, 2017 at 6:14 am by  Sylvain Morton

Head of Distribution – Paris (Ref: 1780)
Our client is IDOL, a pioneer in the distribution of music online.
Head of distribution / Directeur de la Distribution

Since its creation in 2006, IDOL has seen continued growth and today boasts a staff of 40 between its Paris HQ, London, New York and Johannesburg offices. IDOL has exciting plans to continue innovating and developing in a vibrant sector where the mix of technology and marketing drives constant growth.
In this fast changing and highly competitive market, IDOL is attractive for several reasons: a healthy economic situation, financial independence, an excellent reputation within the record industry, a 100% in-house technology that is renowned in the sector, 75% international business, a diversified and thorough range of services including digital and physical distribution, technology services and last but not least, a young, motivated and talented team, proud to work for IDOL!
To keep abreast with the current business and technological expansion, we are creating this position of Head of Distribution at our new headquarters in Paris.
Reporting to the founder and CEO, the main purpose of this role is to manage, coordinate and optimise IDOL’s core activity, i.e. the digital distribution of music. In supervising 3 operational teams that are at the heart of the company’s activty, (label relations, retail marketing and content management) you have direct responsibility for a staff of about 20, including 3 team managers. You also have daily contacts with the other departments; IT, finance and administration, business development and the international offices. Your role is to ensure the 3 teams’ best efficiency, the full satisfaction of the record labels and the optimisation of sales on the different platforms that provide download and streaming services for online music.
Main Activities
• Ensure constant optimisation in the operational efficiency of the 3 teams you will supervise. Are we offering the very highest quality service we can? Are the record labels happy and loyal? Are sales levels optimised or can they be improved? How do we develop the quality of our processes and improve efficiency and communication between departments, how do we measure our actions, optimise our organisation and share our individual expertise?
Tackling all these questions will be at the center of your mission.
• Manage major accounts directly, both strategic labels and platforms. Support your team members, check status,
oversee major deal negotiations, resolve issues and closely supervise the release and lifecycle of strategic albums.
• Build and manage systems to monitor sales and margins from the various record labels and platforms. The objectives here include driving the performance of the teams, streamlining the reporting and measuring the impact of each action.
Both quality and quantity are considered here. The short term is of little interest and the long term is vital.
• Negotiate and follow closely the business operations and contracts with each platform. Supervise how Idol monitors the market to optimise and develop its network of platforms. Setting up and maintaining long term commercial
relationships and evaluating their success.
• Guarantee the right balance between business objectives, technical operations implications and the needs of each of
the 3 teams, providing solutions if necessary with the support of the company’s management. Your operational skills and vision will both be challenged (which makes this job interesting!) as will your strategic ideas on the development of new services and projects. So this is a job that will evolve. Initially, you will need to learn our internal processes, adopt our culture and create a network of contacts so that in the longer term this position will be very fulfilling as you take new responsibilities on in the corporate management of the company.
• You have an excellent university degree, preferably in business or engineering.
• You have ten years experience in a similar managerial position in the music industry, with a strong background in
digital marketing and distribution.
• Your profile is versatile, entrepreneurial and managerial with a strong background in sales, traditional and web
marketing and you have good negotiation skills.
• You have extensive knowledge of music distribution platforms including downloading and streaming.
• You are fundamentally interested in music.
• You have an excellent spoken and written English and French.
Conditions of Employment
• This is a permanent managerial position.
• Remuneration package will depend on your profile.
• International context
• Great opportunities for growth.
• Excellent reputation in the business.
• State of the art technology.
• A financially solid and healthy company
• This position will lead to interesting opportunities.
Interviews will be firstly with the recruitment consultant and then with the founder and CEO. This position is based in Paris: IDOL, 100 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris
Please send cover letter and resume to – Référence 1780/AS

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