Eleven Seven Music Group seeks a Publicity Coordinator/Tour Publicist

Posted: March 29, 2017 at 12:43 pm by  Harris Masood

E7MG is seeking a Publicity Coordinator/Tour Publicist with 1 – 2 years experience in a similar role. We are looking for a candidate with a who is detail oriented, hard-working, creative, and has a passion for music.

• Provide overall admin support to Dept. Manager and VP of Publicity
• Maintain company’s weekly publicity report
• Assist the Dept. Manager in readying campaign assets at the beginning of each campaign:
o Report Template created
o Artist specific Target Lists
o Media/Artist Talking Points
o Quote sheet template
o Organize Folders on shared drive
o Organize approved photos on shared drive
• Maintain artist asset organization throughout the campaign. This includes:
o Pulling artist quotes from media clips and maintaining the overall quote sheet.
o Updating the tour portion of the artist reports daily/weekly
o Help Maintain Indie reports
o Spearhead sending monthly artist reports to mgmt.
• Create and distribute artist media clips. This includes:
o Keeping track of artist clips from indie press team and liase with indie press team to retrieve artist clips
o Saving key media clips in artist folders
• Work with dept. manager on mailings
• Create and maintain overall department target lists
• Light content pitching (case by case)
• Maintain show/event guest lists
• Maintain Artist Press Day Schedules
• Drafting tour press releases (case by case)
• Accompany artists to press opportunities (case by case)
• Tour Press
o Pitching/securing regional area press opps
o Connecting phone interviews between the media and artist
o Work with artist management and tour management to coordinate press opportunities
o Supply artist management/tour management with tour date guest lists
o Reflect all tour press efforts on artist reports

Please send all resumes to HarrisM@10thst.com

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