E7MG Seeking a Tour and Lifestyle Marketing Manager

Posted: May 4, 2017 at 2:27 pm by  Harris Masood

Tour and lifestyle Marketing Manager

This position reports to the VP of Tour Marketing.

• Communicate with promoters in each market to obtain marketing plans, promotional proposals, and localized advertising materials
• Organize information about tour-marketing for each show into grids as it comes in
• Ensure that promoters in each market are executing their marketing plans
• Coordinate the completion of promotional proposals between promoters, radio stations, managers, and artists
• Conduct outreach to lifestyle outlets (sports teams, music shops, bars, etc) in each touring market, and top 30 markets to establish partnerships, run promotions, etc
• Manage and grow the label’s street team program, including marketing the program, overseeing the utilization of team members, and the tracking/fulfillment of points and rewards
• Create and pitch promotional proposals to management teams and promoters
• Assist in other tour marketing related efforts as they arise

• This position requires exceptional organizational skills, which should be demonstrated on a candidate’s resume
• Candidate must have excellent written communication– this position involves a lot of emailing

The ideal candidate will…
• Have a passion for music and the music industry
• Have experience in tour marketing (desired, but not a requirement
• Ask for help when needed
• Have experience using Google Suite programs
• Be outgoing, creative, and have a sense of humor
• Must be positive and proactive
• Work well in an open and collaborative environment

Send resume to HarrisM@10thst.com

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