2022 A2im indie week program

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MONDAY, June 13 Through Thursday june 16

Join Dr. Richard James Burgess, President, and CEO of A2IM and Special Guests for Indie Week 2022’s Annual General Meeting. Meet the newly elected A2IM Board of Directors, learn about A2IM’s current and future initiatives, and hear from featured speakers.


  • Dr. Richard James Burgess – A2IM
  • Noemi Planas – WIN
  • Jeremy Sirota – Merlin
  • Helen Smith – Impala
  • Zena White – Partisan

Will Hutton, Beggars’ New Head of Sustainability, discusses his role overseeing climate initiatives for the label group.

Updates on Music Related Advocacy Issues Including: A2IM’s Newly Formed PAC, Article 17, and more.


  • Dr. Richard James Burgess – A2IM (Moderator)
  • Linda Bloss-Baum – SoundExchange
  • Eden Shiferaw – NVG, LLC
  • Helen Smith – IMPALA
  • Marie-Cecile Teissedre Grunitzky – PEX

A label’s brand establishes an identity that signals to consumers what to expect. It’s critical in incentivizing new signings, and creates continuity in marketing and PR. Learn how to clarify and adapt your company’s brand.


  • Michael Kauffman – Clio Awards (Moderator)
  • Talya Elitzer – GODMODE
  • Derek Kaneko – Warp Records
  • Shamz Obasaju – Ingrooves
  • Eileen Tilson – Oh Boy Records

While no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, we can make educated guesses and have a bit of fun in the process. Hear from experts across all realms of the music industry chew lightheartedly on what the future holds, for the music business, in 2023.



  • Zena White – Partisan (Moderator)
  • Tony Alexander – Made In Memphis Entertainment
  • Martin Mills – Beggars
  • Darius Van Arman – Secretly Group

You’ve made an amazing record, your fans can’t wait to get their hands on it, but how the hell do you get that record to them?


  • Andrew Jervis – Bandcamp (Moderator)
  • Brandy Campbell – Third Man Records
  • Dan Minchom – Bleep Records
  • Rebecca Sicile-Kira – Sub Pop 

Curated by newly formed industry networking group Queer Capita, this panel and will utilize data provided by Luminate to explore the many reasons to invest in queer artists and their fanbases beyond the month of June.


  • Shannon Bradley – MERLIN (Moderator)
  • Alex Lichtenauer – Get Better Records
  • Eddie Jay Moses – The Orchard
  • Alia Raheem  – Secretly Group
  • Matt Yazge – Luminate

Access to good data is critical for a multitude of reasons from signing artists to marketing to setting a release schedule. Hear the pros and cons of what types of data collection is available in the marketplace (prices points, information, accessibility staff resources needed). Find out what is best for your label.


  • Taylor Winchester – found.ee (Moderator)
  • Allie Barbera – FUGA
  • Britnee Foreman – Exceleration Music
  • Lindsay Schapiro – Mom + Pop

From their roots in the brick-and-mortar physical world, learn how some of the most long standing distributors in the independent music space have managed to redefine the very notion of what a music distributor can/should be and how they have continued to thrive in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.


  • Sam Juneman – ADA (Moderator)
  • Jon Bahr – CD Baby
  • Lloyd Hummel – Ingrooves
  • Mary Ashley Johnson – The Orchard

What are some of the new distribution models that have made their way into the music landscape over the last five years? How are new distribution companies interfacing with artists and labels? What are they doing differently than their traditional competitors, and why should we pay attention?


  • Vivienne Mellish (Moderator)
  • Andrew Conde – Label Engine
  • Deron Delgado – Paradise Distribution
  • Seth Faber – STEM

Pete Krien from Luminate shares his research on Catalog Sales touching on “Why now?” and “Evaluating the Valuations”

Lightning Talk | Indie⚡️ is a format where an expert in our community speaks for 15-20,  information-driven, dynamic minutes on a specific topic related to the Independent sector.


  • Peter Krien – Luminate

Catalog sales are skyrocketing, but most of the coverage this trend is receiving is one-sided. We hear all about the selling price and the new owners, but what happens to the label or artist who’s selling their work? After the sale, how long do they stay involved? Do they give up all rights? What should you consider if you are interested in buying or selling catalogues?


  • Eric German – Mitchell; Silberberg & Knupp LLP (Moderator)
  • Glen Barros – Exceleration Music Partners, LLC
  • Barry Massarsky – Citrin Cooperman
  • Daniel Yearwood – Mission Road Sound

When it comes to sustaining a supportive work environment, one in which a diverse group of employees feel empowered and thrive, merely following the law is not enough. What are best practices when it comes to the mental health of your team?



  • Mike Heyliger – The Orchard (Moderator)
  • Mikal Celentano – EnterGain
  • Varghese Chacko – NYC Nightlife Unlimited
  • LJ Malberg – CoMuse

Looking to take your business abroad? Hear from labels and distributors who have successfully expanded outside the USA, and learn how you can do it too. Topics of discussion will include audience identification, establishing a presence internationally, assembling a team and building out a foreign supply chain, and more.


  • Rebecca Berman – Concord (Moderator)
  • Fotemah Mba – GoDigital
  • Akira Nomoto – MERLIN

As Latinx growth across streaming platforms continues to rise at a steady pace, how can labels and artists with a Latin American fanbase (or those who would like to build one) best capitalize on their marketing strategy and execute an effective release plan? Hear from those leading the space on what the key considerations are around release strategies tailored to this audience.


  • Janette Berrios- Symphonic Distribution (Moderator)
  • Alina Escarcega – Altafonte
  • Janely Fernandez – Merlin
  • David Hernandez – Colonize Media
  • Marcos Sotelo – Nettwerk

How do you achieve success on TikTok? When should you utilize influencer services? How the hell did that song go viral?! Hear tips on how to successfully navigate this space from those who have managed to do so.


  • Rachel White – Sub Pop (Moderator)
  • Josh Epple – Hopeless Records
  • Nikki Fair – Nettwerk
  • Mike Greene – ADA
  • Marcus Hollinger – Reach Records

What new ways are labels utilizing data (anything ranging from streaming consumption to online trends, etc.) to effectively tailor their marketing strategies? What’s the most important data to consider when building out a successful release plan? Panelists will discuss best practices, recent trends, and share insider tips that have helped them find success in recent album releases.


  • Mariah Czap – Yep Roc Records (Moderator)
  • Kristin Grant – Westcott Multimedia
  • Paola Marinone – BuzzMyVideos
  • Matt Sawin – Virgin Music
  • Christina Stevison – Connect Music

Are you using empowering language, avoiding acronyms, and utilizing alt text? Learn the basic steps that you can take to be more inclusive in your music marketing strategies. Simple changes can go a long way for those who have different needs – ensure no fan is accidentally left by the wayside by implementing accessible elements into your release plans.


  • Rebecca Sansom – Blonde Records (Moderator)

Need funding? Need copyrights guidance? Need connections overseas? The Federal Government and State-level economic organizations dispersed throughout the U.S. can help you!

Learn about programs and resources designed to help you expand or enter new international music markets. Whether you are looking for help to cover your travel costs for business trips overseas, finance a foreign buyer’s purchase, or meet foreign business partners and government contacts, there are resources to assist you with your international business plans. This panel will include the participation of Export-Import Bank, the U.S. Commercial Service, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (TBC), and Empire State Development’s Global NY program (TBC).


  • Regina Gordin – Export Import Bank
  • Carmela Mammas – U.S. Commercial Service NY

Physical music grew from 393M (2020) to $690M (2021) (MRC). If your marketing plan doesn’t include physical – then you are leaving revenue on the table. What does a solid marketing set-up look like at brick-n-mortar retail these days? Co-op funding? Retailers’ expectations for label support? What is the best, most cost-effective way to market my titles in the indie stores, small chains and specialty stores?


  • Jocelynn Pryor – (Moderator)
  • Laura Campbell Pittard – Redeye Worldwide
  • Jessica Lechtenberg – Cooking Vinyl
  • Wendy Waseige –  Rough Trade

Making vinyl is the #1 problem for labels. Labels are trying different things to solve the problem including booking space in pressing plants months in advance, using more than one supplier, or using a broker. What are the positives and negatives for each and which solutions are best for you?


  • Tony Kiewel – Sub Pop Records (Moderator)
  • Adam Calman – !K7 Music
  • Franklin Ligh – Omnian Music Group
  • Morgan Perry – Third Man Records
  • Ryan Wilson – Light In The Attic

When running a label and a publishing entity, what do you need to consider to avoid missteps? Is it better to share staff and admin or create separate units? At what point in a label’s existence does it make sense to contemplate expansion into the publishing space? Learn from leading executives in this world about how to successfully launch a publishing wing within your company


  • Alisa Coleman – ABKCO (Moderator)
  • Christy Robinson – Curb Records
  • Kim Temple – Six Shooter Records

When is the right time to approach radio and how to do it? What does a standard campaign look like? How long does it take? How much is realistic to spend? Where does your music fit AAA, College, or NPR? What does AAA actually mean? What programmers look for?


  • Bri Aab – Secretly Group (Moderator)
  • Steve Klein – Better Noise Music
  • Adam Lewis – Planetary Group
  • Maddie Schwappach – The Syndicate 

Hear experts discuss common issues, what they’ve done to solve them, and best practices.


  • Hunter Giles – Infinite Catalog (Moderator)
  • Golda Bitterli – Revelator
  • Kevin Cryan – SoundExchange
  • Cheryl Potts – Cleerkut, Inc
  • Michael Sansevere – AudioSalad

What’s happening, how this recent ruling will affect your label, and what you need to know.


  • Vic Zaraya – Concord (Moderator)
  • Danielle Aguirre – NMPA (National Music Publishers’ Association)
  • Chris Castle – The Law Offices of Chris Castle

While music plays an important role in entertainment and social media, the process of acquiring a sync licensing remains complicated. What tech products are available to make this process clear and accessible for everyone involved.


  • Benjamin Verdoes – SyncFloor (Moderator)
  • Anna Marsh – Big Sync Music
  • Dan Korobkin – SourceAudio

The number of access points to the sync marketplace has exploded, meaning the need for great music is as strong as ever. Streaming behemoths (Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu) are green lighting new original films and shows, video games are being developed for every screen, and advertising is growing faster on YouTube, social media and podcasts than traditional broadcast media. As the sync game migrates over to the web what are the important aspects you need to know to find success.


  • Adam Moseley – Accidental Entertainment (Moderator)
  • Bronte Jane – Section 1 
  • Kerry Wayne James – Formation Creative
  • Mary Kate Melnick – ATO Records
  • Jon Mizrachi – Bodega Sync

While estimates of streaming fraud vary, research shows that fraudulent streaming activity may account for up to 10% of all annual streaming revenues. Learn what problems impact the independent sector the most , and what indies can do to mitigate and combat the problem.


  • Andrew Batey – Beatdapp (Moderator)
  • Dan Mackta – QOBUZ
  • Louis Posen – Hopeless Records

For this conversation, we are defining 3rd Party Playlists as those that are not controlled by the DSPs or “Official”. How to incorporate the use of 3rd party playlists into your marketing plan?


  • Elizabeth Eason – Vydia (Moderator) 
  • Lisa Levy – Robbins Entertainment
  • Hannah Waitt – mtheory

The music industry impacts the environment in myriad ways.. Vinyl, cassettes, and CDs are made of plastic, they’re shipped around the world using fossil fuels. Streaming and downloads rely on massive data centers that require enormous amounts of energy to power. What can we do to limit the impact we have on the planet, and what does the future look like in terms of physical media and ethical music consumption?


  • Mary Jurey – Blue Élan Records (Moderator)
  • Mike Jbara – MQA
  • Horst Weidenmueller – !K7 Music

From Kanye’s Stem Player to applications such as Karaoke, DJ Sets, and sync licensing opportunities, awareness of stems among both consumers and industry power players is growing. Learn the state of play for stems in 2022 (and beyond), and how independent rights holders can be beneficiaries of this rising tide.


  • Jessica Powell – Audioshake (Moderator) 
  • Bobby Fischer – EMPIRE
  • Dennis Murcia – Tropisounds / CODISCOS
  • David Reeves – Qrates
  • Alex Trevino – CD Baby

Phishing attacks on the rise, Data security is paramount. How to keep your online data secure? What to do if you are the victim of a ransom attack? Learn best practices.


  • Ahuvah Berger-Burcat – Revelator
  • Nate Beck – PretzelAux
  • Ross Ford – A2IM
  • Franklin Winokur – mTheory

NFTs; what opportunities exist for independent labels, their artists, and fans within web3 and NFTs. How can the independent community increase revenue streams and access new methods of monetization?


  • Ed Vetri – Fanaply (Moderator)
  • Cardin Campbell – trac 
  • Gar Ragland – Vinylkey
  • Mansimram Singh – Weav.io

Which tools are essential for your business’s tech stack? Do you need a specific music CRM, or is Salesforce your best option? This panel will discuss building the right tech stack for your creative and business needs, offer insights, best practices, and state-of-the-art use cases.


  • Rob Weitzner – Artist Growth (Moderator)
  • Tom Deakin – AudioSalad
  • Maddy Rueda – YouTube
  • Ken Umezaki – Verify

What does the landscape of live music and touring look like as we are now entering year three of the COVID era? What do COVID compliant protocols look like? What is the cost both financially and emotionally for those on tour?


  • Dayna Frank – NIVA (Moderator)
  • Glenn Boothe – Merge Records
  • Sky McElroy – Pack Records
  • Tobi Parks – xBk
  • Bryan Raisa – Better Noise Music

The intersection of recorded music and the gaming industry is a trend that’s steadily grown for the past few years. While headlines may allude these opportunities are available to major label artists only, plenty of independents have found their own success in the gaming world. Hear from those in our community who are part of this space.


  • Heather Johnson – Ninety9Lives (Moderator)
  • Pablo Douzoglou – Beggars Group
  • Kristin Epstein – Screenwave Media
  • Gavin Johnson  – Monstercat
  • Thomas Maxwell – IDOL

Drop in for a casual hang with members of the mentor committee, mentors, and mentees (past, present. and anyone looking to participate in the future)

Drop in for a casual hang with members of Team A2IM. Come say hello in this low-key setting. 

Drop in for a casual hang with the BIMA Council and BIMA Fellows, and Members of Team A2IM