A2IM Discount: Music 4.5 – The Economics of Streaming

March 29, 2017

Music 4.5 – The Economics of Streaming (29 March 2017, 1.00-5.00 pm, New York)

Music 4.5 The Economics of Streaming and the Value Gap will examine the business of streaming, the latest developments around music licensing, the implications of digital service providers’ different business models, legislative reform, as well as the impact of the ad-market dynamics on per-stream rates for artists, record labels, publishers, and collective rights management organizations.

We will cover questions such as:

  • – What are the economics of streaming – for service providers, rightsholders, artists and users?
  • – If ad-supported and subscription services are increasingly competing head-on, should free services be paying the same percentage of their income to rights holders as paid subscription services? What is the impact of the DMCA Safe Harbor provision on revenue for rights holders?
  • – What changes in legislation, licensing and contracts will guarantee a marketplace where the two different business models – free, ad-supported and paid-for subscription – can be made to work “fairly” with increased revenues returned to artists and rightsholders?
  • – How can the ‘free model’ be made to work better and more fairly for artists?
    If consumption is free, what is the value of promotion?
  • – Will the review of safe harbor legislation deliver a level playing field between ad-supported and subscription-based service providers, e.g. Spotify and YouTube?
  • – Will ‘take down’ also mean ‘stay down’? What are the issues with ‘stay down?’ How accurate is YouTube’s Content ID?
  • – How to grow the pie by opening up for additional royalties collection? What are the additional but currently neglected and untapped revenue streams, e.g. performance royalties for terrestrial radio?
  • – Everyone mentions YouTube, but how about the other big platform and social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, which are increasingly focused on video content delivery? Will they also rely on the DMCA Safe Harbor for user-uploaded content, or will they negotiate agreements with labels and publishers? What is the potential impact for artists and the music business?
  • – How do artists, rightsholders, and users navigate multi-territory licensing?
  • – Is it the government’s role to legislate rates to guarantee a competitive marketplace?

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