CCS is a global company that collects and works with neighbouring rights collectives directly, ensuring seamless payment for its performers.

Tell us a little bit about CCS Rights Management


CCS Rights Management was started with the goal to create a global company that would be able to collect, monitor and administer all of a writer’s and artist’s rights. Initially started as a publishing company, CCS Rights Management now encompasses a full suite of collection rights beyond traditional music publishing including, sync and licensing, ancillary and digital rights, retransmission rights and neighbouring rights. 


This year, we are proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and continue  to strive toward building a network that allows those it represents to generate income from as many crossed avenues as possible.


We read that Neighbouring  Rights is a new area fo CCS Management, could you tell us more about that?


Actually, CCS has been collecting neighboring rights on behalf of our artists we work with for publishing as a service for many years. However, we did not have a dedicated department or the world wide connections to offer bespoke services until recently. In 2019 we established a stand-alone division with a dedicated executive to the neighboring rights and brought on Lee-Anne Wielonda.  
Wielonda has over twenty years in the neighboring rights world, having started the ACTRA RACS neighboring rights department, the Canadian rights collective responsible for distributing income to thousands of performers, and was instrumental in negotiating reciprocal agreements with all neighboring rights collectives world-wide.
Lee Anne Wielonda leads CCS' Neighbouring Rights Division

On behalf of CCS, Wielonda has established direct strong global representation and direct affiliations with rights management organizations in 30 territories, effectively reducing multiple administrative fees that can be incurred when multiple organizations are involved. CCS provides best-in-class, hands-on administration services for artists, record labels, musicians and performers, film and TV studios and production companies.


Learn more about CCS Management’s Neighbouring Rights capabilities here, or by emailing [email protected]


What are your long-term goals for CCS Rights Management? 


CCS has been built on providing its artists, writers, performers and IP owners the best-in-class administration, creative service and hands on care as possible. In a world of corporate buyouts, selling/buying artist shares and other races to the largest payout, CCS has always been about taking care of the copyrights that have been entrusted to them. CCS continues to believe in the creative process, a hands-on approach, scaling staff to the number of copyrights it handles and that every copyright and every song has value. 


CCS is a global company that collects and works with neighbouring rights collectives directly, ensuring harmonized pay for its performers, quarterly statements and payments. CCS will continue to provide its performers with quality administration and personal care. The companies long term goal will be to continue to advocate for better rates worldwide and to push for neighbouring rights regimes in territories they currently do not exist, in particular the United States. It will do so through its association with IAFAR. IAFAR’s mission is to be the focal point for education and advocacy of neighbouring rights and providing a community for those working in this segment of the music industry.