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This week’s featured executive is Brandon “Carlyle” Strickland, Chief Executive and Producer at Doite Media and a BIMA FellowUpon recognizing the sizable need for royalty solutions that cater to music professionals and allow creatives to retain their copyrights, Brandon founded Doite Media Arts International in 2018 and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. 



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Brandon is a strong and outspoken music advocate, supporting the growth of songwriters, producers, and artists, as well as highlighting the importance of musicians being compensated for their work while retaining their music rights and royalties. Brandon possesses just over a decade of experience in music publishing, music tech, and finance raising strategies to music creatives, estate recipients, and corporate organizations. He has worked with leading music industry professionals, including GRAMMY-Award nominees, gold recording artists, and notable music industry executives in urban genres.

Tell us about Doite Media!

Doite Media is a newly established brand in the art and entertainment publishing industry headquartered out of Ashburn, Virginia. Doite Media provides brand licensing, publishing administration services, metadata management, and royalty collection at an affordable rate for independent creators. Doite Media services assist our creator’s in the exploitation of their work while being appropriately credited and compensated.

At Doite Media, we believe that in order to support and represent creative individuals, you need to be a creative individual. We approach our work with a unique perspective – acknowledging both the creative and logistical strategies that provide artistic longevity. 

Our goal is to support hard-working, dedicated, and talented creators to experience the growth, financial gain, and professional success they’ve always dreamed of. We believe firmly in the power and importance of creative independence and have developed our services to help independent creators accelerate growth, scale their brands, and monetize their artistry.

What are your long-term goals for your company?

We are looking to become a premier independent resource for artists, musicians, and songwriters who are interested in having their compositions utilized by major brands and record labels.

Amazing, any company updates we can look forward to?

We have a new visual production underway highlighting songwriters, artists, musicians, and tech entrepreneurs. While journalistic at its core, this educational production will give independent artists the gems and tools they need to make their creative careers sustainable. 

This series is scheduled to premiere in September 2021. In addition to that, our clients have new content releasing in the coming months covering R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Jazz. Without spoiling the surprises, the multimedia partnerships coupled with these projects are forward-looking for art consumption – inviting a new music distribution approach. 

Lastly, we will be hosting a curated playlist highlighting independent artists from national music hotspots that deserve an ear! With these new initiatives, we’re looking to extend these creators’ demos [sic] beyond local recognition.

At Doite Media, we believe that in order to support and represent creative individuals, you need to be a creative individual. We approach our work with a unique perspective – acknowledging both the creative and logistical strategies that provide artistic longevity.

Why did you apply to BIMA?

I applied to BIMA because the program aligns with the mission, goals, and purpose of Doite Media. Intellectual property management should be transparent for independent creators, allowing them to monetize their artistry in the digital age. With the rise of IoT it’s imperative that creators are aware of their content’s usage and its licensing so that they can be fairly compensated and credited for their work. It is my hope that BIMA could assist with amplifying this rhetoric.


We’ll do our very best.

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