Tully is a music creation, storage, management and distribution platform for independent artists and music professionals.

It streamlines and simplifies music business processes, offering a centralized solution to managing a music career. With its ease of access and useability, Tully gives users control and transparency over all aspects of their music, from creation right through to monetization.

Tully has two premium subscriptions on its platform:

Solo for the single independent artist and Team for the independent artist and their team. The Tully app is free to use, available on iOS and Android. Download the Tully app now for a free Solo trial. 


Subscribers can:

    – Organize music into Albums and EPs

    – Create, send and approve Split Sheet agreements

    – Get automated Metadata scanning and editing

    – Track activity and changes with Tully’s Feed

    – Have up to 500GB of Storage and enhanced Security

    – Access free, 100% no-fee Distribution to all major streaming services


For independent management, label or record companies, Tully Enterprise offers a fully configured platform. We can provide your team with secure storage and sharing, organized content, communication and management tools, contracts and agreements, analytics and distribution to all major DSPs.


Tully’s all-in-one platform and automated processes will save you time, effort and money. Juggling subscriptions, jumping between multiple systems, replicating work, creating duplicate files…avoid it all with a Tully subscription.