SyncVault offers a suite of services to help artists advance their careers, including promotional influencer campaigns, Content ID management and funding for artists.

Written by SyncVault


YouTube Influencer Promotion

SyncVault’s promotional campaigns empower artists to market their new releases with social media influencers, gaining exposure with targeted audiences in new territories.


Discover new fans and experience authentic collaborations with influential creators that promote your music to their thousands of subscribers. SyncVault’s YouTube influencer community offer a fast and cost-efficient solution to promoting music as part of the marketing mix. Dedicated to YouTube, SyncVault is the only independent platform that provides artists an opportunity to promote their music across YouTube, and YouTube Shorts which is achieving over 15billion views daily.

As the number one site for music discovery, YouTube influencers are the perfect champions for new music helping artists gain exposure through their engaged subscriber base and together with the introduction of YouTube Shorts the market is growing exponentially.
Influencers signed up to the platform include Mermaid Torie, Alex Segura LR, Nathan Wu and Adrian Gee.

Advancing your music career

SyncVault also provides Artists Advances enabling artists to further their careers with the financial support to record, release, and market more of their music. It’s one of the most artist friendly deals available, enabling artists to retain control of their rights. Artist Advances are available to artists that have achieved 15,000+ monthly listeners to Spotify and benefit from additional marketing spend towards a SyncVault campaign.

Protect your copyright and earn money from YouTube

As certified YouTube partners, SyncVault offers a fully managed Content ID management service for rights holders; sourcing, reporting and collecting unclaimed revenues from the use of music on YouTube, and handling takedowns and dispute resolution when rights holders need to contest ownership or uses.

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