Built by music experts and made for creative professionals, SyncFloor is an independent commercial music marketplace powered by groundbreaking natural language search.

Written by SyncFloor.



SyncFloor provides businesses and creators with licensed access to high-quality, independent commercial music. With the help of our patented natural language search, creatives can browse SyncFloor and license from over 23,000 tracks provided by some of the world’s best indie labels and distributors. Our commercial use options range from the traditional, such as Commercial Film, Broadcast TV Advertising, and Commercial Audio Advertising, to innovative new tiers, such as Fitness – Microlicense, Paid Branded Social Video, and Personal or Small Business Podcast.


Our Clients:

SyncFloor enables clients from a wide range of industries to find great music. Brands such as Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Amazon, Vice, and Heineken have licensed songs through our marketplace for branded social content, online media, broadcast TV and more. Our music also enhances digital fitness classes for companies such as The Class, Bande, and Physique 57. Filmmakers and podcasters ranging from major festival winners (Alexandra Henry, Street Heroines) to first time DIY-ers also regularly use our service to find and license songs that bring their visions to life.


Our Music Partners: 

SyncFloor is proud to partner with world-renowned labels and distributors from the independent sector as well as up-and-coming indie talent. Our ever-growing list includes top-tier labels like Sub Pop, Sacred Bones, Mind of a Genius; industry-leading distributors such as TuneCore, Believe, Symphonic Distribution, and CMG; international trendsetters like Motor Music, Vuga, Homonym, and Cascade Records; and a rich variety of labels representing deep talent across their chosen genres, including Lucis.Haus, Friends of Friends, Hospital Records, and Dome of Doom.


Our Team: 

20 year Microsoft veteran Kirt Debique and veteran IP attorney Cestjon McFarland co-founded SyncFloor in 2017 and built a team of music-experts who’ve helped grow the marketplace to where it is today. Debique himself is a music industry veteran who, following his work with Microsoft, founded Brick Lane Records in 2012. Other members of the team include musicians who’ve performed at major festivals and venues such as Sasquatch! Music Festival and Radio City Music Hall, as well as music journalists and radio djs who’ve worked for leading taste-makers like KEXP. Their collective expertise ensures a marketplace with cutting-edge tunes covering all the latest genres, artists and trends.