Songtradr is the world’s largest music licensing company, offering a full-stack solution for music buyers and sellers.

License, distribute and monetize your music on the platform for maximum exposure.

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Earn More With Pro

Take charge of your music career with Songtradr Pro, using state-of-the-art tools to manage your music and optimize your earnings. Upload your music to the Songtradr platform for licensing and placement opportunities with top brands while retaining your rights. Receive 100% of your distribution royalties and distribute your music to more than 200 digital outlets worldwide. Track activity from every platform and collect your royalties, all in one place.

Access Licensing Opportunities

When a buyer uses Songtradr to license a track, they are paying one of our artists for permission to use their song. With Songtradr, you remain the owner of your music and are entitled to collect any royalties you would normally receive. After you set up your profile and enter your metadata, your work will then be publicly available for discovery and licensing by our community of filmmakers, TV networks, music supervisors, video game producers, advertising agencies and many others.


With Songtradr’s Monetization Portal, you can opt in your music for Twitch, TikTok, YouTube Content ID, along with other monetization opportunities in shops, restaurants, hotels, apps, and games.


About Songtradr Group

Songtradr Group is the fastest-growing B2B music platform in the world – bringing artists, creators, and brands together to innovate, collaborate, and create a fair exchange of music rights. With the acquisition of Big Sync Music in 2019, Song Zu, Pretzel, and MassiveMusic in 2021, Songtradr Group has become the largest network of music specialists for brands and advertising in the world. Our team sees the music industry not as it is, but what it could be. We believe in balancing the creative process with data-informed insights to empower clients with the music intelligence they need to make, market, and optimize their content. We are increasing the value of music for all.