"We help Labels and Artists sell more digital albums and entertainment while capturing fan emails. Bundle your album with karaoke, a 10-track stem player, and access to exclusive videos."

Written by Rhythmic Rebellion

Access Limited Time $2000 Promo Offer

We can help you do a better job of building a fanbase, capturing emails, and selling a variety of digital content TODAY! However, if you are releasing a new EP in the next 6 months, we will match your ad spend to promote the EP up to $2000. Our approach is to assist you with a pre-streaming campaign that helps you maximize sales before the music hits the streaming platforms. This is becoming the norm and we guide you through it. Email us at [email protected].


Promoting you helps promote us, it’s a win-win. 


Maximize Fan Engagement

Fans have lots of options. You need not only fans, but SUPERFANS. Superfans are created because they connect with your artist in a special way. Just hearing a song is not enough. We give you the power to offer your fans an entertainment marketplace where they can hear your artist introduce the song and hear stories about the songs. They hear a 45 or 90 second preview of the song until purchased.


Fans hearing the artist talk about the music and what it means to them, creates the needed connection to turn a visitor into a SUPERFAN. These fans have the option to download our app to enjoy all the digital entertainment you offer or use the music player in the browser. Fans sign up one time and can add to their cart multiple items from multiple artists and checkout one time. Fans can comment on songs and videos. Soon they will be able to upload their own pics and videos to your account and you can post them on your artist site. Fans love this. We help you give your fans a great experience. 


About Rhythmic Rebellion 

Our founder is a singer-songwriter and when he released his album in 2016, he experienced all the pain points you deal with. Rhythmic Rebellion is the solution to many of your problems.


First, you’re in control of everything, using your artist account to upload and price content. Use our drag and drop builder to create a profile or website. Our support team is happy to assist you. You get a great music selling system including pre-orders, plus on-demand merch. Bundle digital and physical albums together and let Printful do fulfillment all over the planet.


We have fan clubs, live streaming, and the list goes on. You get an emailing system as part of the email capture along with additional data points about the fan. Our Gift Code Generator allows you to give digital items away for free, giving you a great way to capture fan emails. We retain 15% of digital sales and 5% of physical sales. We only make money if you do. We’re on a mission to get more dollars into your pocket. In summary, Rhythmic Rebellion is an All-Things Music Marketplace that gives your fans the ultimate entertainment and shopping experience, all in one place. Email us at [email protected] for a demo.


Example of the 10-track stem player that can be sold to fans.