For your next vinyl project: Qrates removes all hassles and all financial and inventory risk, while offering better pricing and faster delivery.

Qrates (pronounced like ‘crates’) launched in 2015 as the world’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to democratizing access to create, finance, and distribute Vinyl For All. From design, pressing, sales, order capturing & credit card processing, distribution, storage, and shipping, Qrates provides everything you need to get your music on vinyl and into the hands of your fans.

Given the realities and limitations of streaming revenues for indies, nobody can afford to not participate in the fastest-growing and most profitable recorded music format. Qrates makes it simple and affordable for anyone with as few as 100 fans and friends to add vinyl to your release plan. 

There are three ways to work with Qrates. 

  1. Crowdfunding  – allows labels and artists to press vinyl without upfront costs or inventory risk, eliminating hassle and waste. Once a minimum of 100 units quantity is pre-ordered, Qrates presses the records and ships them directly to fans. 
  2. Press & Sell – allows labels and artists to get their records faster. Start recovering upfront costs by taking pre-orders while the records are still in production. 
  3. Press Only – simply a vinyl pressing order, shipped to one address. 

Key benefits to creating vinyl with Qrates include:

  • A complete end-to-end solution for vinyl. No more having to deal with many suppliers and vendors for one single vinyl project.
  • Free warehousing in North America and the UK
  • Great for a first vinyl project, limited edition releases, and for established labels seeking faster deliveries, better pricing and greater efficiencies 
  • Build your customized vinyl project online with our award winning tool. Select the quantity, color, and packaging options, adding in only the features you want. See exactly what it will look like, and know exactly how much it will cost 
  • Qrates’ global community of passionate music fans and vinyl collectors are constantly searching for new artists to discover on our platform and new releases they can buy.  
  • Qrates can distribute your vinyl to Rough Trade, HMV and over 200+ of its direct retail accounts 
  • Keep 85% of your revenue
We can’t wait to show you how frictionless and easy it is to start earning money from vinyl by working with Qrates. 

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