OpenPlay is the global leader in data and content management for the music industry, bridging the gap between content creation, metadata management, distribution, and metrics.

Written by OpenPlay


Everything an Indie Needs:

OpenPlay brings together all of the processes of making and releasing music into a single application, providing labels with a “single source of truth” for all of their data and assets, all in the cloud. A content management system built specifically for music, OpenPlay works the way music companies do, relating projects, releases, tracks, works, and sessions in a single repertoire system. OpenPlay thereby bridges the gap between content creation, metadata management, distribution, marketing, and metrics.

OpenPlay is market-tested and used by the leading music companies in the world, including both independent and major labels. Contact us at [email protected] for a demo and free test account.


What We Do:

OpenPlay’s software solutions offer independent labels a one stop shop that houses all their assets and covers their full spectrum of needs in one convenient location. To start, users can upload, clean, customize, and export high-quality Metadata. OpenPlay then natively exports industry-standard DDEX files, which can be delivered to the distributor of their choice. With OpenPlay, labels have the flexibility to work with any distributor, while their data stays with them and is always their own.

In addition, OpenPlay users can store and manage Assets in all formats; handle Rights and Clearances by tracking products, territories, expirations, and distribution; create, distribute, and track Playlists; improve Project Management by keeping releases and merchandise organized and aligned with financial, royalty, and revenue tracking systems; track and manage their Merchandise catalog; upload metadata in the studio at the moment of song creation with Sessions; visualize all upcoming releases and tours with a Release Calendar; and improve Security by allocating permissions and tracking revisions and transactions.

OpenPlay’s newest feature is an EPK tool that allows users to effortlessly create visually rich, highly customizable, streamlined EPKs from their existing assets and metadata already stored in OpenPlay.


Our Story:

OpenPlay was founded in 2013 by Co-Founders Edward Ginis (Head of Client Services), Brady Brim-DeForest (Head of Product), and Ben Alavi (Chief Technology Officer). The OpenPlay platform grew out of Edward’s earlier work as CTO of Concord Music Group, following Concord’s several acquisitions of leading independent music labels. Concord needed consistent and efficient means to manage the disparate catalogs of their acquisitions. Edward and his team realized the importance of a “central source of truth” for metadata and content that every department at the label could share. Developers were “embedded” into each department to develop bespoke systems, learning their pet-hates and essential needs when working on their individual projects and workflows. Eventually, OpenPlay would be spun off from Concord in 2013, where Edward and his Co-Founders continued to create new features and technologies for all labels, both indies and majors, that utilize the software day-to-day.


Our Clients:

OpenPlay’s current roster of clients includes leading independent music companies including Big Machine Label Group, the Secretly Group, MNRK Music Group, Reservoir, and Concord, as well as two of the three major music companies, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. While serving some of the largest companies in both the indie and major spaces, OpenPlay is priced affordably and easy to use for smaller labels, bringing them the same power and functionality as their larger counterparts.