Manage your roster’s artist images on using Muzooka.

Written by Muzooka: 

GRAMMY season is here! Make sure every artist on your roster is looking their best on by updating their image on Muzooka.


Every nominee, past, present, and future, gets a page, with an artist photo powered by Muzooka. Visit now to get access to profiles of the artists on your roster.



Muzooka is where record labels manage their own artist assets across multiple platforms from one central hub. When updates are made to artist profiles on Muzooka, the new content is sent immediately to our partners at The Recording Academy, iHeartRadio, Gracenote, DSPs, ticketing, festivals, gaming, automotive, and more.


There are over 2 million artists on Muzooka, and by keeping their profiles up to date, labels ensure their roster always looks their best with our many industry partners.


Muzooka also streamlines live setlist reporting to Performing Rights Organizations, bringing an unprecedented level of fairness and transparency to the business of concert royalty distributions. Artist teams and music publishers use Muzooka to report live performances to PROs around the world, ensuring that venue and promoter license fees are properly paid out to songwriters and rights holders.


Muzooka is free for artists and their teams to use! Get started today by creating a free account at and becoming an admin for your roster.