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Written by  Lakeside Entertainment Group

Lakeside Entertainment Group is proud to celebrate this holiday season with new music from Paul Loren, and his latest holiday classic “A Brighter Year.” Paul will be ringing in the New Year with an intimate one-night-only show at the new City Winery in New York City on February 12th 2022. Don’t miss an evening of music from his new album, Betwixt. For tickets and info visit:

Celebrate in 2022 safely with more great live music  from Lawrence and Marc E. Bassy. And stay tuned for the upcoming tour announcement from HARIZ!


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Lakeside Entertainment Group takes an innovative entrepreneurial approach to developing, managing, and breaking artists. With over twenty years of both independent and major label experience our staff has broken a wide range of artists across multiple formats and platforms, and has generated sales of over 100 million worldwide. By providing in-house label services that include radio promotion, marketing, digital media, touring, merchandising, and brand partnerships we are able to compete at the highest level and provide unique opportunities to advance the careers and profiles of our clients. 



And don’t miss the Lakeside Entertainment Group blog for notable industry names including: Gloria Gaynor, Andy Grammer, Kevin Rudolf, and more.

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