Label Engine is a suite of software tools that simplifies complex processes in music like distribution, royalty accounting, promotion, and demos. Spend less time with numbers and more with the music.

Written by Create Music Group


Label Engine is a suite of tools that makes managing a record label a breeze. We simplify the most complex processes in the industry from distribution to royalty accounting, to promotion and demo management. We’d love to help you unlock your label’s full potential, save time, and make more money from your music.

Hassle-free music distribution

In addition to delivering to all major and regional DSPs, we’re here to help you achieve priority placements for your priority releases.

Stress-free royalty management

Handle your accounting load of work in a matter of minutes and give your artists transparency on how their music is performing. Automate royalty splits between artists and companies, customize artist statements, track advances and expenses, quickly process royalty statements, no matter the source.

Robust promotional mailer system

Send or schedule visually-stunning, custom emails to all of your DJ, tastemaker, radio station, and blog contacts to give them a private first listen to your new release, then analyze campaign performance. Get your music heard by the people that matter the most.

Organize your A&R process

Funnel and organize demo submissions with your own custom landing page or demo submission email address, and create auto replies to make you the most efficient A&R you can be.

We’re a team of music fans and music lovers that want to help indie artists labels to succeed and we’re just an email away! Say hi at [email protected].