June 21st sees the launch of our NEW! Everything: User Interface, Management team, Increased Support levels and NEW functionality!

June 21st sees the launch of our NEW! Everything: User Interface, Management team, Increased Support levels and a host of NEW! functionality.


NEW! UI – working with our forward-thinking clients, we will be coming out of beta after a year of designing and developing the new interface to our ground-breaking solutions.


NEW! Additions to our team – Alena joined us during this process, coming with Record Label, Distro and Social Media Monetization system background to be our product and account manager. Jen, former General Manager at Beggars Group, also joins us with over 20 years Music Publishing experience within both major and independent companies.


NEW! Multiple levels of Korrect to fit all size budgets:

  • ENTRY LEVEL to get labels and publishers on the first rung of automating their system/infrastructure. Handholding through royalty production.
  • Our most popular) – INDEPENDENT offering which has extended functionality and modules – including your own instant message client support group – WhatsApp/Skype/Slack – never wait for a support ticket to be answered!
  • ENTERPRISE LEVEL – for the organisations that may want to have software hosted on their own servers / developers to take the source code in their own direction – comes with a back-up consultancy/support service.


NEW! Functionality – Project Analytics – we have introduced a new management system for reporting and analysing all projects within your business – a release, songwriter, artist – any type of relationship all coded through to your ERP system (if you wish it to be).


NEW! Integration (and customality – new word we have may have invented) – new reporting packs for month / period end reporting or provision accounting, through to your ERP system generating client defined journals aggregated to your needs (whether this is Quickbooks / Netsuite / SAP / Others). Profit share deals, Advance and Cost recoupment rule setting and reporting.


NEW! Longevity – we are about to hit a 25-year anniversary with our longest client – a true independent label, with whom we are writing up a case study in order to show how our systems and solutions evolve with you. We will also be releasing a case study based on one of our newest clients who evaluated all products on the market and why they selected Korrect. We really do look after old and new clients the same.

For more information visit our site www.korrectsw.com or email [email protected]


NEW! Speed – with the 3 different levels, they each have their own benchmarks for speed although it has never been an issue with Korrect – we once saw an improvement from a legacy system taking 100+ hours to run a royalty calc on 150,000,000 lines of data come down to 19 minutes on Korrect (and Korrect equated to an annual cost saving for the client at the same time).


NEW! Portals, Portals + more Portals – launching on June 21st is a sister portal that interacts with creators – artists/songwriters as a 2-way system to manage everything. We will be releasing more details closer to the launch, but needless to say with our systems, we are always looking to be the most flexible on the market, we have 3 or 4 options for our clients already to offer a portal to their related 3rd parties – transparency is a