Associate Member Spotlight: Jaxsta

Jaxsta Introduces Jaxsta Plus, offers A2im members 20% yearly discount

Jaxsta, the world’s largest, public-facing database of official music credits has justintroduced new membership programs within Jaxsta Pro!


Members can now choose between the freemium version, Jaxsta Core, or the next level premium version, Jaxsta Plus. Jaxsta Plus gives music industry professionals access to a suite of new and world-first features designed to empower music creatives and those who represent them, all for the low price of US$49 per year.


Sign up here.


Jaxsta is offering 20% off yearly Jaxsta Plus membership for the first 100 A2IM members. Claim you special offer here.


So who should sign up to Jaxsta Plus?

Music Creatives: artist, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, studio professional you’ll have verified credits on the platform. Jaxsta Plus now empowers you to:

  • Promote your achievements with a single view of what you’ve done and who you’ve worked with, all populated by Jaxsta’s official credits.
  • Control your credits by prioritizing the order in which they appear on your profile, with your most important work rising to the top.
  • Track your performance by setting credit alerts or chart alerts you’ll receive a notification direct to your inbox every time a song you have worked on is released or charts anywhere in the world.
Music industry professionals working in A&R, label marketing, publishing or artist management, and want to utilize the full power of Jaxsta’s official music credits, Jaxsta Pro allows you to:
  • Discover talent through Jaxsta’s 140m+ fully vetted, official music credits, sourced directly from labels and distributors.
  • Gain insights on all the talent you are interested in by setting credit alerts for new releases and chart updates from over 10m+ artists, songwriters, producers, engineers and more.
  • Plan globally with access to comprehensive industry data and a full calendar of events from all of the world’s major music markets.

About A2IM:
A2IM is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization headquartered in New York City that exists to support and strengthen the independent recorded music sector. Membership currently includes a broad coalition of more than 700 Independently-owned American music labels. A2IM represents these independently owned small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) interests in the marketplace, in the media, on Capitol Hill, and as part of the global music community. In doing so, it supports a key segment of America’s creative class that represents America’s diverse musical cultural heritage. Billboard Magazine identified the Independent music label sector as 37.32 percent of the music industry’s U.S. recorded music sales market in 2016 based on copyright ownership, making Independent labels collectively the largest music industry sector.

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