The #1 music distributor in Latam FaroLatino announces the opening of new offices in the US, Mexico and Spain, new logo, new website, and an extensive range of services for artists and creators.

Written by FaroLatino

FaroLatino Media Network announces rebrand

For more than 25 years, at FaroLatino we have centered our attention on providing extraordinary service for our partners: independent recording artists and content creators. Our organization has evolved to adapt to the ever-changing music industry, ensuring that we always meet, and exceed, the standard our partners expect. It is thanks to our high levels of quality that have allowed us to remain relevant in the market over two decades. Working in capricious circumstances and being safe in the knowledge that we enjoy who we are today as a company and individuals, is what guides us to be inquisitive about what the future holds.

A wide variety of artists and labels want to take a leap of faith and become independent, looking to control their content. Because of this, we understood that our partners need more than just an aggregator: they need an ally to help them to amplify and manage their content, and in many cases, produce it. Our record label, FaroLatino Music, was conceived to fulfill this need, and allows us to act as sponsors in concerts including Santaferia in La Quinta Vergara (Chile) and the Chilean Wey Festival in Mexico City.

During the COVID‑19 pandemic that shook the world and the music industry, we have learned to blur and eliminate geographical borders. We have created collaborations between artists from different territories and genres, which have led to a significant increase in their audiences all over the world. Our presence in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and the US makes us the best partner for those labels and independent artists who want to take their content to the next level.

‘Particularly in the US, we work towards amplifying our Latin American partners’ content, and vice versa! The fact that we were born and raised in Latin America means we have developed our expertise in the territory, as well as the resources, and the connections to conquer the audience’ states Javier Fainzaig, CEO of FaroLatino.

Furthermore, the market dynamism and our desire to face new challenges, has led us to create a new logo, website, and business structure to develop promising future prospects in the years to come. Today, not only do we define ourselves as more than a distributor, but we also adapt to the demands of our artists and partners by embracing their content and providing the necessary tools and strategies to turn them into success.

Our essence remains unchanged, thanks to the relationships we have always been nurturing. This is why we value our membership with Merlin, the independent’s digital music licensing partner. Through their premium deals, Merlin has helped our artists and creators increase revenue and access more opportunities. Merlin ensures that we can better compete at the highest levels, all while protecting the value of music. We remain the same, our core values and strength never waver: our personalized treatment, our excellent team of professionals, our honesty – the fundamental pillar that is the core of everything we do – and of course, the fact that we are a company of musicians for musicians!

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