YouTube channel turned creative outlet and record label, CloudKid supports undiscovered talent while bringing artists’ visions and brand identity from zero to 100.

Written by  CloudKid:


What started out as a YouTube curation channel back in 2013, CloudKid has developed into a creative outlet and record label aimed at supporting thriving, undiscovered talent, all while developing and bringing artists’ visions to life. The company has seen various feats in the last year, among them reaching 5 million subscribers on YouTube this past August.


Among its artist projects, the label holds close ties to Nashville-based duo, Neoni, helping spearhead and release their first ever EP this summer, ‘Wars in a Wonderland,’ while also successfully taking many of their songs to U.S radio. Los Angeles-based duo,


Confetti, has also seen success since being signed to CloudKid, their song ‘Ghost’ now boasting 50M streams on Spotify alone.


Silent Child, an artist the team discovered on SubmitHub, has also reaped great notoriety, within two years growing from zero to 600k monthly listeners thanks to major branding and development efforts on the label side. 


The company aims to launch its very first newsletter at the start of 2022 and is currently working on the rebrand and subsequent launch of their own merchandise shop, with plans to offer it as an additional service to the label’s artists. 


For more on CloudKid, visit their YouTube channel or visit their website. In the meantime, keep an eye out for their newsletter and shop, launching next year, and as always, your head in the clouds.