TikTok can be your friend & it doesn’t have to suck. When we get beyond compromising posts, manufactured trends, & outrageous influencer costs, owning the power of TikTok for artists is real.

Written by Black Box


Artist Empowerment, In The Short-Form Video Era

Love it or hate it, TikTok is the ultimate source of social discovery and acceleration. Done right and pre-saves can spike, streams can jump, and social growth outside of TikTok can be directly correlated from discovery on TikTok. And sure, you could throw money at influencers and hope your sound goes viral, but for the 99.999% that want more of an authentic and long-term position in short-form video, you have to unpack what makes this content so sticky, understand the best practices, and have a smart and sustainable strategy that works for you and you only. After seeing how TikTok has changed the lives of so many of our clients while forecasting the importance and prioritization of TikTok-like content on YouTube and Instagram, Black Box is proud to move our modern music marketing narrative into this vertical and offer dedicated service to help artists in the often cringy space of TikTok content.



Training is inclusive of four 1-hour training sessions. Trainings will cover short video best practices, platform optimizations, strategy, and hands-on teaching. The ultimate goal of the training is to ensure our clients are empowered with the know-how, confidence, and a vetted approach to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.Beyond the designated training sessions, Black Box remains available to our clients throughout the term for consultancy to ensure success 


Marketing Services & Deliverables

  • On-boarding meeting and TikTok Narrative Guide
  • 5 video edits 
  • Submission for editorial opportunities, verification, and music mapping 
  • Weekly trending topics reports 
  • Profile optimization 
  • Best practices and platform cheat sheets
  • Final campaign report


If you’re ready to get to work, reach out to find out more at [email protected]