Associate Member Spotlight: Audioshake

AudioShake’s award-winning AI quickly and easily separates songs into stems and instrumentals so they can be opened up for new creative uses and revenue streams in sync, remastering, samples, and more.

Written by Audioshake



Artists and labels miss out on lucrative opportunities everyday because they don’t have the stems and instrumentals they need for sync licensing, sampling, and remixing.



AudioShake’s AI tech creates stems and instrumentals in seconds, delivering professional-quality stems that can be used for sync licensing, remixes, remasters, samples, and immersive mixes. Their technology is widely recognized as the best in the industry, and recently won Sony’s Demixing Challenge. You can see a demo here:


The company’s customers include the three major label groups; several top publishers like Hipgnosis, Primary Wave, and Reservoir; and iconic indie labels like Sun, Mute, CODISCOS, Cleopatra, and Cherry Red. Since launching last summer, their stems and instrumentals have been delivered for numerous TV commercials, trailers, and movies, including an Netflix trailer, Oreo commercial, computer ad campaign, and Super Bowl commercial. Read more about how indie labels and artists are using AudioShake here!

Now, AudioShake is opening up its game-changing technology and platform to indie labels, at indie-friendly prices via AudioShake Indie. The technology is free to try–simply upload your song and select your stems, including vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, other, and instrumental. The company also has an Enterprise service that offers additional features including access to stem storage, additional stem types and improvements, and white glove customer service. 

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