Accidental Entertainment brings a new approach to artists representation for sync and licensing.

Written by Accidental Entertainment

Accidental Entertainment brings a new approach to artists representation for sync and licensing.

Accidental Entertainment is a sync-licensing and publishing company founded by legendary music producer and educator, Adam Moseley. As most of our team are artists and musicians themselves, we have a special understanding of both sides of the business and how to best guide our artists, most of whom are independent artists. We always strive to create and maintain authentic relationships with our roster and we do our very best to help them thrive in the industry, as their success is our success.


Located in the Silver Lake hills, Los Angeles, Accidental also has a state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio, which is available to the artists to use or collaborate with each other in writing sessions. Actively involved in creating music, Accidental frequently hosts writing camps in person and online, most recently with our second event with Berklee in Valencia, Spain, and with SheKnowsTech.


As well as building a substantial catalog of copyright ownership through our publishing arm, Accidental is excited to start integrating new wave technology into our business model. We are aiming to become one of the first indie Publishing companies to step into the exciting new world of WEB3 by offering hands-on education and services based on blockchain technology. Although we’re always looking into the future, we believe that integrity and kindness is the only way to sustain a business in this ever-changing industry.


Accidental Entertainment has been successfully operating since mid-2019. As of April 2022, our company has more than 6000 original songs in our catalog, under the 120+ upcoming artists that we represent.


Listen to our artist highlights here:


We work on finding and signing artists, that the licensing world is looking for. There’s been a major change in the industry within the last few years. Now supervisors are not looking to find their materials by contacting majors anymore. The licensing community came to the realization that they want to help upcoming artists, and find the “next Billie Eilish”, by placing unique music in TV, Films, Commercials, Gaming, etc. This is where our company comes in: we have a great selection of mostly unsigned, original, “up-next” artists. Just like everyone in the industry, they know that by placing their songs, they could gain overwhelming popularity and step into the next phase of their careers. As the artist grows, more and more supervisors want to take part in the growing success, and they will also place their music. So just like we said, their success is literally our success.


Accidental is soon expanding our team and growing our licensing business, by hiring new experts that will help us grow our placements in Commercials and Movies. Accidental is also expanding our team with A&R Specialists to further develop our Publishing capabilities, as we increase our catalog of copyright ownership rights.