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This week’s featured executive is Armand Hutton CEO and Founder   of Hutton Records


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Tell us a little bit about yourself, Armand! How did you end up in the music industry, and the position you’re in today?


I was a member of the acapella/vocal play sensation “Naturally 7” for nearly a decade. While with the group I performed with and befriended many artists including Quincy Jones, Coldplay, Ludacris, David Foster, and Jamie Foxx. We toured with Michael Bublé for over 6 years around the world and were featured on four of his albums as well as numerous nationally syndicated television shows.


I’ve written and produced songs and arranged vocals for several recording artists. Including “Need You With Me” which landed on the top 10 smooth jazz Billboard charts, and I was blessed enough to have my acapella arrangement of “Do You Hear What I Hear” be nominated in the 58th Grammy Awards in the “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Acapella” category.


Woah! Now with Hutton Records on your plate, do you still find the time to sing?

Aside from running Hutton Records, I currently sing with NBC’s The Singoff runner-ups “Street Corner Symphony.” I also facilitate a weekly songwriting class for 7th and 8th graders on a volunteer basis at FH Jenkins Preparatory School here in Nashville, TN.


That’s amazing. What then drove you to start Hutton Records, since singing and songwriting seems to have taken centre stage?

I’ve seen firsthand the power that music has to transform lives and I believe that that is the main motivating factor for me. Through Hutton Records, I want to help other artists who are passionate about helping others experience that power through music as well.


Tell us more about Hutton Records

Hutton Records is a Nashville-based record label that is built on three main pillars:

(One) Following the music production model developed by the record labels Motown and Stax to establish a network of artists who collaborate musically to produce the best possible musical product for themselves and their fellow label mates. (Two) Regular participation in charitable services and establishing artist-to-community integration by offering our gifts to those in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, special education schools, and elementary schools. (Three) Exploring unique marketing plans and tools for every project in order to allow for multiple genres to be represented.

 And what are your long-term goals for Hutton Records?
The long-term goal for Hutton Records is to produce music that uplifts, motivates, inspires, comforts and restores audiences around the world as well as the artists who will create it. 
Through regular charitable services we seek to enrich our surrounding communities, bond our roster of musicians and staff closer to each other, and stir within our musicians a sense of pride and purpose.
Any recent exciting updates you can share?
Being selected to be a part of BIMA is really exciting for us. And we also have recently named a new Vice President, Alandis Brassel, Esq.

I’ve seen firsthand the power that music has to transform lives and I believe that that is the main motivating factor for me.

Finally,  what have you been listening to lately? And what are some releases you’re most excited about? 

 I’ve actually been listening to a wide variety of things recently including, Koryn Hawthorne, Justin Bieber’s new project, Dante Bowe, and Dua Lipa. 


But I’m very excited for two projects soon to come: 1) The acappella group that I sing with (Street Corner Symphony) is soon to begin production on a new Children’s Album in which I co-wrote and arranged most of the tunes. And 2) I’m very close to being done with my own acappella project of TV theme song arrangements.


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