Recent Agenda Items

During our first 8 years, A2IM has furthered our three part agenda of providing advocacy/representation for independents on issues affecting the music community, finding commerce opportunities for members, and providing member services which include education on issues, networking & presentation events, special offers and general business advice.

Below find a list of some of A2IM’s recent priority actions:


*helped defeat the proposed NY state digital sales tax that would have added a 5% cost on top of all digital sales transacted in New York thereby impacting any member selling music to fans in NY,

*heading the grassroots campaign to get congress to enact a performance right royalty in the U.S. payable by AM/FM radio when they play our music (which would also require foreign radio stations to begin to pay U.S. artists and labels too),

*communicating to the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress the need for government support of the value of music and anti-piracy efforts and organizing several large communications efforts getting independents to contact their elected officials to be heard on these subjects,

*engaging with major telecoms, YouTube, Amazon and other leading digital partners about more direct and effective relationships with independent labels,

*representing independent labels in discussions with the NMPA and the RIAA about the problems with the current mechanical royalty rate, in particular the 1.5% late fee penalty and the 24 cent mastertone rate and assisting our members with HFA audits.

*education to our members about and issuing a statement to the FCC supporting Net Neutrality to ensure equal access and a level playing field for independents and seeking to prevent new barriers to entry,

commerce Opportunities

*direct outreach to members who were missing royalties due to incorrect data (identifying over $1.5 million for approximately 100 labels) or who were not registered to collect royalties from SoundExchange,

*messaging the benefits of Merlin as this global not-for-profit independent rights organization seeks licensing opportunities and better terms for independents in various areas of commerce. (note: A2IM members receive a 30% admin fee discount on any Merlin deal they elect to opt in for),

*messaging certain synch licensing opportunities via to A2IM members,

Member Services

*organizing and hosting a series of indie label “Think Tank” events in NYC, LA, & Nashville with senior executives from over 100 indie labels to brainstorm a roadmap to success for our members as our industry evolves. A2IM’s “Roadmap” documents feature the themes and conclusions reached by independent music executives for independent music executives and are regularly distributed to A2IM members,

*numerous discounts to industry conferences including but not limited to Midem, Billboard events, New Music Seminar, SXSW, CMJ,

*special offers directly impacting the bottom lines of our members including introductory discounts for numerous services from digital providers, distributors, marketing companies, etc.,

*hosting networking & presentation events promoting commerce opportunities for and amongst our members via A2IM’s Digital Media & Emerging Technology (DMET) committee’s “TECH DAYS” and A2IM’s Licensing & Publishing committee’s “LICENSING DAY” as well as via our member run regional chapter mixers. Each of these events helps educate our members about new revenue streams in our evolving industry and help create new business relationships,

*advancing the agendas of A2IM’s Digital Media and Licensing/Publishing member committees that work on improving our members’ opportunities in the digital and synch licensing markets and issuing best practices white papers on topics such as effective email marketing, direct 2 fan business, and utilizing social media to drive income,

A2IM is working everyday to improve the business of independent music companies!

The above initiatives and so many more that we’re working on are impacting income streams and will be vital to the ongoing successful operation of our members’ businesses. We’re confident that A2IM is being successful in providing a central voice for independent music companies and the positive impact that voice provides our members.

In these difficult times we know that every expenditure must be examined closely. We appreciate and need your support and cannot underscore enough how vital good representation via A2IM is and will be in the coming months and years ahead. A2IM’s ongoing goal is to keep the playing field level and block the establishment of new gatekeepers who put independent music companies at a disadvantage. Your membership dues make our mission possible and our staff, board of directors, and member run committees take very seriously our commitment to provide value to you in return for your support.

A2IM serves as the