Before Buddypress

Libera Awards Committee
A2IM’s Awards Committee is a working group with the goal of creating A2IM member awards to be voted on by the membership and awarded to winners at the A2IM Libera Awards ceremony each June in NYC.

Brand Partnerships Committee
The Mission of the Brand Partnerships Committee is to develop relationships with consumer brands and companies that are not current members of A2IM. Ideal companies are those with products or services that are of value to A2IM members and who value the connection and access to our community.

Digital Media & Emerging Technologies Committee (DMET)
The mission of the DMET committee is centered around examining developing technologies and exposing new opportunities in order to educate A2IM members on strategies to expand their business in the digital sector.

Government Relations Committee
The mission of the Government Relations committee is to engage lawmakers and key government officials on behalf of the Independent label community on important issues like: transparency in direct sound-recording licensing, a Performance Right for sound recordings played on terrestrial radio/pre-1972 copyrights, and combating piracy and DMCA “safe harbor” abuses.

Licensing/Publishing Committee
The Licensing & Publishing Committee (LPC) objective is to relay to the independent community issues that affect publishers and labels. We hope that through communicating creative, legal, and marketing matters, the publishing and label groups could move towards a more unified, productive front. From understanding whom to contact at which publishing organization or working with a publisher on creative showcases, this committee is intended to bridge the gap between indie publishers and indie labels. The LPC also organizes all Licensing Day and Publishing Day events for A2IM members to be educated and network with their fellow members.

Indie Week Committee
The Indie Week Committee objective is to be a working group of A2IM members to give ideas for A2IM Indie Week panelists and panel ideas.