The a 2 i m mentor program is definitely a two way street. I learn as much from my wonderful mentee as she hopefully learns from me. Our informative conversations have been a highlight for me during a bleak year and I look forward to continued deep chats in 2021. Lisa Levy. Robbins Entertainment
Having a mentor who you can come to about concerns and doubts, growth and opportunities, snspiration and encouragement are integral for both personal and professional growth and development! Austin Marshall

The A2IM Mentorship Program promotes the mission of music industry education and connection-building on a qualitative level. This unique opportunity supports the professional and personal development of independent music executives across all career stages.


Each accepted mentee is assigned a mentor by our Mentorship Committee, who will do their best to pair mentors/mentees with “like interests” (NOTE: Applying for the program does not guarantee a spot). Mentor/mentee pairs will then be required to meet for a minimum of 1 hour/month during the 6 month duration of the program. 

The A2IM Mentorship Program is strictly for A2IM Members ONLY. 
To find out more about becoming an A2IM member, please contact [email protected].




Applications Acceptance Period: February 15th 2021 – March 15, 2021.

Mentor match announce: First week of April

Spring 2021 Mentorship Program:  April 15th 2021 – September 30th 2021