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Ghostly International & Spectral Sound

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Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International was created in 1999 by Sam
Valenti IV from a dorm room. Since then, the label has become one of
America’s premier channels for forward-thinking music, releasing music
from artists like Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Mobius Band, Solvent and
Christopher Willits. From Indie to Hip-Hop, Electro to Ambient,
Ghostly celebrates a diversity of styles that run the electronic
Ghostly works to emphasize the artist behind the machines, the
personalities that drive this music. Through its release history,
including the acclaimed Disco Nouveau and Idol Tryouts compilations,
the label has received praise from critics and music buyers alike
including the annual ”Hot Label” nod from Rolling Stone. Ghostly
International and its dancefloor counterpart label, Spectral Sound,
stay true to their art historical roots, focusing on a strong visual
presence and an eye for the smallest detail.

Spectral Sound, dance music counterpart to Ghostly International,
began as an outlet for DJ singles from a then-unknown Matthew Dear.
Spectral focuses on music with its roots in Midwestern dance culture,
namely Detroit and Chicago with a stylistic focus on innovative and
compelling techno and house. Other chief artists from the origin in
2000 included area artists Osborne and James T. Cotton whose various
singles and EPs have proved the importance and vitality of the North
American techno scene. The Spectral landscape has grown beyond its
Midwestern roots to include such international artists as Pär Grindvik
(Sweden), Daso (Germany), Sami Koivikko (Finland) and Jonas Kopp
(Argentina). In 2008, the label also signed Chicago’s Kate Simko and
Berlin-by-way-of-Detroit artist, Seth Troxler.

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