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Blackheart Records

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Once upon a time there was a teenage rocker named Joan Jett. She was making rock and roll history in a teenage group called The Runaways. When that band broke up, she met hit songwriter/producer Kenny Laguna. They saw in each other a kindred spirit and set about to work together. Kenny thought she was great, and expected no problem convincing record labels to put out the record they had just finished. But he was wrong; Joan Jett was rejected by 23 labels. They turned down ”Bad Reputation”. They turned down ” Do You Wanna Touch Me”. They could not hear the potential of ” I Love Rock n’ Roll” or ”Crimson and Clover”. So Joan and Kenny decided to start their own record company, manufacture their own records, and sell them…sometimes from the trunk of Kenny’s Cadillac. Blackheart Records was born and Joan Jett became the first woman in rock and roll to own her own record company. Blackheart Records is currently home to such up-and-coming groups as San Antonio-based female threesome Girl In A Coma (Both Before I’m Gone, Trio B.C., Adventures in Coverland) and Los Angeles’ pop-punk trio the Dollyrots (Because I’m Awesome) and of course Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The label’s catalog includes The Vacancies, The Cute Lepers, The Eyeliners and more, while continuing to add new artists to its roster.


Girl in a Coma has released the first Volume in their three Volume series of EPs, Adventures in Coverland. With Adventures in Coverland, GIAC delve further into the band’s collective musical history, recording their own versions of seven classic songs that helped shape the sonic core of Trio B.C., a record which prompted Alternative Press Magazine to rave that the band had ”really hit their stride” and the mighty Billboard to enthuse that the ladies were ”full of swagger and in fine form.”

The collection of songs will be released as a series of three 7” vinyl EPs and three digital EPs, available on iTunes. The artwork on the three vinyl volumes of Adventures in Coverland will join together to form a very special board game. You can also download the artwork with purchase of each volume on iTunes.

The Dollyrots will be on tour with Buzzcocks beginning May 11.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts released their first definitive Greatest Hits!
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