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Amathus Music

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Amathus Music is a New York based record label whose primary emphasis is on electronic music, widely ranging from underground house to trance to commercial crossover dance music. Amathus is a young and exciting company whose proven itself to be a successful singles based record label releasing high quality music. While developing homegrown electronica talent for the domestic and international market, Amathus Music is certain to keep one step ahead in the world of dance music and set the trends for what’s to come.

Amathus Music has proven to be a driving force in the music scene and has been making a big impression on the rest of the world. Amathus has teamed up with many distributors and one-stops to extend its reach to new markets globally. It is through the efforts of the strong independent electronic labels like Amathus Music, which help dance music in America to finally receive the respect it deserves.

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