Redeye Seeks Label and Artist Accountant

Posted: November 27, 2017 at 9:49 am by  Hank Stockard

Redeye is currently accepting applications for the role of Label and Artist Accountant.

If you are interested in applying, please email a resume and cover letter to Jim Trenner. jimt(at)redeyeworldwide(dot)com.

Significant duties of the Label and Artist Accountant include, but are not limited to, the following:

Distributed Labels

*Setup new vendors and customers in the database with all financial terms of their contracts, including all distribution fees, fee structures, and territory rights information.
*Answer all questions about monthly statements and pending payments from labels.
*Enter end of month data for all labels (digital, sales, returns, etc.)
*Prepare payment amounts related to labels
*Prepare estimated payments for future months
*Create P&Ls for new labels as needed and keep P&L template updated
*Assist Accounting Director with GL recons/entries/templates as needed
*Upload all monthly statements from digital customers into database before month end
*Invoice digital statements from digital customers, including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, and others.
*Assess profitability of labels at the end of their contract term
*Create various custom reports as needed by labels

Yep Roc Music Group

*Coordinate with outside consultant on the following tasks:
*Ensure all information in the royalty accounting software (RTS) is accurate and current.
*Upload data into and extract reports from royalty system (mechanical and artist royalties).
*Generate quarterly mechanical statements and semi-annual artist royalty statements. Fully accountable for accuracy and integrity of these statements.
*Answer any accounting/statement related questions from Yep Roc artists/artist managers quickly and efficiently. Confer with outside consultant as necessary.
*Receive, review, and ensure all Yep Roc income and expenses are flowing to the correct accounts.
*Update Return Reserve, Inventory Obsolescence, and Artist Profit Share Models as advised by Director of Accounting, HR and Technology.
*Perform deal analysis for potential projects upon request.
*Design, improve, and document all processes involving the royalty system.
*Perform accounting duties for Riff City Music Publishing (the in-house publishing company).
*Process payments from Performance Rights Organizations, Labels, and anyone else paying for music licenses; Issue payments to songwriters; *Give Accounting Director breakdown of income vs. expense.
*Ensure integrity and accuracy of Riff City general ledger, reconcile when needed (with Accounting Director)
*Enter all income, payments, advances, etc. into Riff City database
*Make sure all rates and songs are up to date in the database
*Assist in GL reconciliations specifically related to Yep Roc
*Maintain spreadsheet for each new release that tracks all details of the setup

Experience requirements

*BS or BA, preferably in Accounting, Finance or equivalent
*Must have strong analytical skills including extensive experience with reporting systems, data gathering, and data management.
*High level of proficiency in MS Excel, including pivot tables, VLOOKUP and SUMIF formulas, filtering and sorting
*High level of proficiency in MS Access.

Experience preferences

*Working knowledge of music accounting, including royalty and mechanical accounting
*Experience with NetSuite or a comparable software strongly preferred
*Experience with Insightly and Google Docs
*Experience with QuickBooks

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