Ghostly International seeking experienced Master Licensing Representative in NY

Posted: March 20, 2017 at 9:21 am by Profile photo of Jeremy Peters Jeremy Peters

Full-Time Position Available in Ghostly International‘s Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Applicable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years prior experience in licensing at a label or music publisher. The success patterns for this position and the abilities of an ideal candidate are as follows:

General and Project Management
• Communicating effectively with co-workers, client, and artists succinctly via email while maintaining a professional demeanor that is precise, friendly, respectful, and embodying the company and its artists’ values
• Self-managing, able to easily prioritize projects, and manage one’s time effectively
• Orients well around process, and can deftly switch processes based on project type
• Participating actively in NY-team, all-team, and person-to-person meetings with label staff and artists to discuss new releases, new signings, and projects

• Understanding of how copyright law applies to music licensing for synchronization and other uses, with respect to both master recordings and compositions and how they are separate but innately tied
• Using creative problem solving skills and applying them in order to negotiate licenses both profitably and in our artist’s favor while respecting the following concerns:
– financial needs
– intellectual property interests
– rights variances (territory licenses, percentages of ownership, etc.)
– client needs and pressures
• Facilitating negotiations between multiple parties and making appropriate value judgements on what those parties may need or want, even if not directly expressed
• Prioritizing and responding in a timely manner to inbound inquiries and requests
• Entering data precisely and repeatedly (with a variety of software resources)

Administrative, Content Management, and Metadata
• Reviewing and signing contracts in HelloSign and/or physically
• Filing paperwork digitally in Dropbox
• Working in coordination with Ghostly Songs to update and manage the SynchTank CMS for and by uploading audio files w/ clean metadata, correct writer/pub info, contact information, search terms, and creating and updating artist, playlist, and placement pages
• Collaboratively creating, updating and managing master licenses, invoices, and contracts in SR-1
• Proactively engaging with artists and/or management to determine splits and split information on co-writes

• Listening to and quickly learning a large catalog of material and applying that knowledge to searches/requests for material
• Pitching catalog in a manner tailored to the taste and project requirements of individual music supervisors, editors, filmakers and/or producers
• Fielding and appropriately responding to inbound music searches and master licensing requests for master uses to include ads, tv, film, video games, web-videos, social media, podcasts, apps, etc.
• Working with artist roster for original music and/or bespoke work-for-hire jobs, including accurately and quickly defining demo submissions, revision schedule and terms, contracting, invoicing, and delivery of assets

• Proactively reaching out to new leads and fostering new client relationships
• Inviting potential and current clients to informal lunch, coffee, drinks, dinners, and/or shows while representing the company and our artists appropriately
• Managing digital outreach with pre-release music to synchronization contacts (and physical on a by-request basis)
• Pitching artists and/or albums in the early stages of a release cycle (as strategically appropriate and sometimes in advance of masters), for partnership and/or branded campaigns
• Scheduling and managing office sessions and/or showcases at NY-area agencies, music houses, or other companies (as appropriate and per budgetary constraints)
• Coordinating with others, manage and send a newsletter to all licensing contacts via Mailchimp once or more a month, as well as create updates with live performance info for all area contacts to known fans as needed
• Maintaining and following up on existing relationships with regularity, and to document interactions in our Customer Resource Management (CRM) software, Nutshell

Signing and A&R
• Onboarding new signings to the greater synchronization team, gathering all metadata (including, but not limited to titles, ISWCs, ISRCs, pre-existing artist established pub entities, PRO affiliation, etc.)
• Checking-in with artists to add material to Gholicense (our pre-cleared music library) and to evaluate potential, while introducing new artists to the idea
• Working with the label team, artists, and management on a per-project basis to define the pitching and placement goals for a release

Compensation: Commensurate with experience level

Benefits: MTA Pass Reimbursement, Health and Dental Coverage (After 90 Days)

Please send a cover letter which includes a descriptive account of a time that you took initiative to improve a process at another company, two reference contacts, and résumé to

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